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Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Nov 13, 2021.

  1. I swear to god if she shelves this album because of some fag hack
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  2. This song is just so fun! She even said at her Roundhouse show that often her music is quite intense and heavy, and sometimes she just wants to make frothy bops like Lucid and now This Hell.
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  3. Nah, it’s already been sent off to be pressed on vinyl I’m sure. But it’s annoying that it will leak.
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  4. Leaks stopped being a thing the past few years which led to labels slacking off and getting comfortable.
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  5. That was actually someone else nn. BUT they did leak Noah Cyrus' album fff
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  6. Too many messy cigs to keep up with!

    Fingers crossed this doesn't happen, or at least not so soon...
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  7. Hold off until August at least
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  8. This Hell reminds me of something MUNA would sing.

    The song is...I don't know. I'll need to go away and come back to it later.
  9. Sounds like it's perfection then!
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  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Vinyl is on Amazon for those that want to pre-order and not be charged until ship date (me!).
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  11. WHY have I suddenly been singing Gimme gimme a man after midnight on top of the This Hell intro / the 'woooo ooooh' parts dd. Truly the song for queers.
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  12. It's really endearing to me how she is such a student of the Gaga School for Cigs. You can see it in the sound of this track (and elsewhere throughout her discography) but also the fact that she boasts about posing for the paparazzi in the lyrics only to mercilessly blame these pop culture tragedies on them in the very next line feels like such an early Gaga trope. And also the fact that this is a silly blasphemous pop song at surface with the dark undertone that basically... there's a chunk of the population that wants us queer people literally dead.

    Anyway, I fear this is a 10 and only growing on me more and more witch each listen, and I must be on my 30th play!

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  13. The way the song opens with “let’s go girls”. She knows exactly what she’s doing with this one.
  14. The album cover is a bit shit.
  15. I adore This Hell, it's so fun, I here a bit of Gwen in some of her dleivery and I hope it catches on after her semi-hit with Beg For You.
    Though if she really wanted to channel Shania, she should have called it
    This Hell (Is Better With You!)!!!
    And I love the album cover.
  16. The song feels like it’s trying so hard to be camp that she fell flat on her face. The “devil wears prada” lyric & the pop culture references come off as cringe more than witty lyricism. I also think queers using blasphemy as a lyrical trope is a bit played out. Especially seeing how other queer artists are tackling religion in their music.

    This is my last post about me hating the song because I don’t want to ruin the fun nn. Maybe it’ll grow on me! Maybe I’m just so terminally online that earnestness doesn’t work on me anymore! Maybe I Got It Bad by Addison Rae warped my brain chemistry! Nonetheless, I am a hater.
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  17. My view is that it’s written largely from the perspective of Rina growing up as an outsider consuming Westernized pop culture, which is why the references are so heavy handed, and she is more or less making a Western pop song (not just in the sense that it’s country influenced) off a 12-16 year old’s idea of what a song like this is, especially since we’ve heard the album supposedly deals with the concept of re-parenting yourself and nurturing your inner child. I don’t know if it’s actually trying to be camp as much as it is just the lyrics of someone channeling their inner 2009-2011 Gaga stan energy.
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  18. Naur actually 'This Hell' might be the perfect lead for her next project, I'm really obsessed with it. I honestly think if you are going to make an album that takes notes from Born This Way, you better be ready to embrace the heart and soul and earnest cheese that comes with such a feat. I mean, just thinking about when Born This Way (the song) was released brings back memories of a lot of the same commentary.

    I just think its successfully evokes the nostalgia in me, while also being a huge bop, while also being very relevant to the times. (like @Applause said above...there is a chunk of the population that want to remove our rights/hurt many of us)
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  19. I kinda do think the bolded part is true for many, especially now. Not so much that we're all too "online," but I think the toll of the pandemic and world issues has many people cynical and a little silliness like this song invokes an eye roll.

    Both at her show and Orville Peck, I had to tell myself to shut up because I felt like everything was too corny/cheesy and I was ruining the experience for myself. Two years ago, I would have ate this shit up with a fork and a spoon. For Orville, I was able to get back on track and still enjoy it. I'm coming around a lot more to this track especially which makes this part...

    more poignant for me. I need to discover my love of this kind of pop music again.
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  20. I agree mostly with your critiques even while liking the song but I also see with like, the sharp reactionary rise of religious anti-queer sentiment again in many US states and older arguments like grooming and pedophilia being resurrected, that uh, maybe somewhat outdated knee-jerk responses to that fundamentalism will return. This Hell feels in line with that.

    I have it playing pretty consistently today but I still feel so underwhelmed by the chorus. The guitar line is great and keeps me back and the verses are cute but just feels like it needed another pass or something.
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