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Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Nov 13, 2021.

  1. The key change is... jarring.

    Glad to see the surrealist mole has a career of her own now!
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  2. Can't decide whether this is good or just straight up horrific.
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  3. Just went through the whole Sawayama thread, specifically the album reactions. Glad she’s remaining a polarizing queen!
  4. This being so divisive for such a straightforward pop banger is funny. Truly 2010s BPG teas.
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  5. Has she always sounded this much like Gaga?
  6. 3Xs


    It puts the fisted in hamfisted but melodically the chorus is pretty much bulletproof. I haven't been able to stop playing.
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  7. Yeah I can’t stop listening to this. Can’t wait to attend the UK tour in Dublin!
  8. This is so great. The fact she managed to put Michael Jackson, Shania, Lady Gaga and Girls Aloud into a blender and come out with a cohesive bop is a feat.
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  9. Mission successful

    I almost forgot about these descriptions also

  10. I just think it’s iconic that she has Girls Aloud as a major reference point.
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  11. This seems to be the tracklisting out of order.

    - Hurricanes
    - Frankenstein
    03. This Hell
    04. Catch Me In The Air
    - Imagining
    - Minor Feelings
    - To Be Alive
    - Phantom
    - Forgiveness
    - Holy
    11. Send My Love to John
    - Your Age
    - Hold The Girl
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  12. Any collaborations/features that we know of?
  13. I think the people who have the album have said no features. All solo like SAWAYAMA.

    We do know from registrations that Forgiveness is possibly a SAWAYAMA leftover she updated, since it was registered alongside with other leftovers called Flavour of the Month and Mission: U (we saw this title during the studio BTS), all done with the team who did Who's Gonna Save You Now?.
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  14. When "Frankenstein" ends up being the Gaga leftover and Rina snatches what's left of that portion of her fanbase
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  15. Girls Aloud and Exposé album incoming!
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  16. I'd held off due to the divisive reaction it got on here and of course I'm bopping. I was convinced the song was about to end at the 3 minute mark so I was delighted to find a middle 8 and a guitar solo.

    Also there's something in there that sounds eerily close to a Kelela LMK sample. I hope Kelela got enough coin from her PS5 scam (ddd) to not be tempted to sue.
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  17. It's the same sound that's at the start of Michael Jackson's "Beat It". No idea what instrument it is, but I don't think it's unique to either song dd
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  18. I figured but the PS5 scam was the first thing that came to mind so I still had to post dddd

    It's like that flute sound from Sadeness that's in a billion other songs.
  19. Cause the Devil's wearing Prada
    And loves a little drama, ooh-ooh

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  20. This is gonna leak in 3 2 1 right?
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