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Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Nov 13, 2021.

  1. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    It is kind of huge huh but then it's also probably her most ""mainstream"" song yet. But yes, I enjoy it already more than This Hell.
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  2. This album is going to bang.
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  3. Yeah this is much better than This Hell and I'm not even half way through my first listen yet.
    I hope the album is more this quality (and This Hell sounds better in the context of the album).
  4. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Grew to like This Hell, but Catch Me in The Air is instantaneous. What a massive song!
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  5. What a lovely song! Really looking forward to her album.
  6. Love the new song but loved it when I heard it at her tour. This is just euthoric to listen to, will be on repeat for me this week.
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  7. Yeah she’s coming for aoty again.
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  8. Produced by Stuart Price! It's surreal to have him back producing for pop girls again, but it feels so correct. The song is massive. A real The Edge of Glory moment.
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  9. I don't why but the song is making me emotional. Everytime I listen to it, it just makes me feel something grand is going to happen for me and I have waited so long for that to happen. Plus, it makes me miss my mom who is in India right now.

    Thank you Rina for making uplifting music!
  10. Corrs aside, this also reminds me a lot of Xtina’s “Cruz” and “Soar” – just a feel good, leaning out of the car with the wind in your hair, banger

    Edit: also lots of shades of “Don’t Waste Your Time”

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  11. Live footage of me during my first listen:

    As someone with a tumultuous relationship with their mother, this hits a little tew close to home.
  12. The verses are gorgeous, the chorus feels slightly overproduced though. I think that Stuart Price sometimes struggles to produce female vocals. Overall it’s lovely and hopefully does well for her.
  13. It's a tad transcendent, isn't it?
  14. It's quite a lovely song. It has a very comforting calming quality to it too.
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  15. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Oh this is MUCH more like it.
  16. Every once in a while, a song comes along that makes me think about just how euphoric pop music can make me feel. I had that moment with this on first listen. Haven’t felt it that immediately since maybe Run Away With Me.
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  17. This is a very good bop! And the fade-out ending, what year is this?! I love it!
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  18. 2/2 I'm too excited for the album. She surely knows how to do nostalgia, she wears her influences very well.
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  19. Oh wow this is very next level, especially close to "This Hell". There's a sense of something very Epic happening, without feeling forced or "contrived". It feels so natural and hopeful.
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  20. Oh this is much more like it.
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