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Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Nov 13, 2021.


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  3. I didn't mention it here yet, but I got to meet her on Saturday night! She was so kind and wonderful. I was sitting backstage with my friend who had opened for her (after I fibbed and managed to get brought back there nn) and at the end of the show she walked by us and said a polite 'hello!' and kept walking to her dressing room. My friend blurted out "thank you so much" and she paused, turned around, and went "oh my gosh, where are my manners! Thank you, your set was amazing!" and they continued chatting for a bit. Then she turned to me and goes "oh, and who are you?" and I was shocked she even was talking to me! I managed to snap back into reality and got to tell her how integral Sawayama was to me during the pandemic and how much I adore Fuck This World and whatnot. She was so down to earth and genuinely interested in our conversation — truly an angel.
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  4. Drag me to hell, Rina.
  5. More apparent tea on the song and album from insiders:

    - Song is described as "VERY pop with electric guitars" and discussing her relationship with religion.
    - "Missing Summers" (the demo that leaked a while back) is not on the album.
    - There are shoutouts to Britney and Whitney on the album.
    - One insider compares the album to Gargoyle's Bible This Way.
    - Clarence is all over the album. Bl**dp*p nowhere to be found.
    - No features.

    I am... going to die.

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  6. Seeing her twice has been interesting. The first time was pre-Sawayama and the second was last weekend. Obviously, she grown so much musically and as a performer, but there was just something a little off with her stage banter for me personally this recent time. I love that she is a stan of all the pop girls and you can feel that influence, but I kinda wish she would stay in character in between songs. I find new artists like to talk between every song which can mess with the momentum of the show. We know Gaga had this issue early on. Lizzo did too on the Cuz I Luv You tour. Rina had a nice post apocalyptic vibe built into this show and the breaking of the fourth wall with the internet lingo as often as she did kind of took me out.

    All this to say, it's unbelievable she's this strong of a performer this early in career. I'm still a stan and here for it all. I think some my hangups will go away with experience.
  7. Oh a trip to Hell? I'm down.
    I've really gotten into Rina recently.
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  8. If anyone has a Born This Way in her, it's Rina. I need this.
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  9. All I needed to hear tbh
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  10. I hope “Catch me in the air” is on the album?
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  11. It is.
  12. She's performing on Jimmy Fallon next Thursday.

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  13. She's really starting her next era, huh?
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  14. Her Instagram has been wiped and she’s supposed to make an announcement at her final US show tonight. She’s really coming.
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  15. I am SO ready. Lets go little demons!

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  16. New profile pic.

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  17. Not these Faye Wong ‘97 vibes.

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  18. I managed to grab some last minute tix for the NYC show tonight. She's such a fire performer, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't see her for this tour, really pumped for tonight!
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