Rina Sawayama - Hold the Girl

She's posted the rehearsal of Hold The Girl for Graham Norton.

A pre-vis is a video clip shot during rehearsals in the style of the final performance so that the TV team can know ahead of time how we want things to be shot. This clip was shot on an iPhone 14 Pro and sent it directly to the Graham Norton team so that they knew which scenes in the performances we wanted highlighted (and which we didnt want to be shown!). Especially in performances where there are set pieces there are shots we want “hidden” by way of camera work on the day. Doing this ahead of time also saves time on the day, where schedules are often tight.

I finally got around to listening to the full album and although it doesn't hit as hard as her debut, it is not as bad as some people (outside of here) made it out to be.
This Hell was kind of a disappointment upon first listen but I have come to appreciate just what a hell of a bop it is.
Send my love to John is so incredibly touching, sends me to tears with every listen.
Imagining is a huge banger, it just KNOCKS.


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Honestly, the entire album is just filled with 'that type of song' that never outstays its welcome for me (I'm aware it's only been out for a few months). Apart from the title track, that's a bit more of the 'very instant but old soon' sort.
Her Melbourne show last night was genuinely electric. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an artist have so much crowd engagement. She truly gagged me!

The set list was almost perfect and really felt like a journey (she did a cute overview at the start of the show). She cut Lucid which was a shame but every song went off.

Highlights were definitely Hold The Girl, Your Age, Imagining, Comme Des Garcons and This Hell (this one was such a surprise, I’ve always liked the song but it went OFF as the closer).
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