Rina Sawayama - Hold the Girl

She is so impressive live! Her dancers and drummer are sick and she was given the option to cancel, but didn’t. Her guitarist basically covered the music and Rina performed her ass off. What a beast she is. Her vocals are so clear and her moves are so smooth! A total star.
I still think the album is bulletproof, she synthesized her reference points into a body of work that feels like the hero journey of a queer person in navigating their way towards self-acceptance after religious indoctrination. It can be over the top at times but I believe that's also warranted from an album that is speaking from and to our community?

Guess I’m a fan of action movies now? No idea about the John Wicks franchise but will watch it for Rina.

Cambridge graduate. Pop superstar. Hollywood actor. Trend setter. Fashion queen. I mean - this is one impressive CV.

If you like action films, John Wick fits the bill.