Rina Sawayama - Hold the Girl

Hollywood debut and (possibly) Eurovision in the same year? 2018 me would be shook.

Is there a rule about performing an entry live before the contest and could that be why she performs only half of it on tour?

The rules say it can't be released or performed at all, in full or part, before September 1st 2022.

Holy seems to meet that criteria from what I can find.
I've accepted LUCID was a necessary evil for her ascension into main pop girl territory. Every pop girl has that song, some even make an entire career out of songs like that and the twinks on here stan them to no end.
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Lucid made me go check out Rina last year which made me import a ridiculously expensive deluxe version of SAWAYAMA and made Hold The Girl end up as my album of the year (by now already amongst my 25 most played ones of all time on Last.fm) so yeah.. girl did something right.