Rina Sawayama - Hold the Girl

I don't get why y'all act brand new about fans not liking LUCID when that's never been Rina's lane. There's nothing wrong with a basic bop but there's also nothing wrong with wanting more meat on the bone from an artist who had consistently delivered such up that point.

I know it's also polarizing but to me This Hell shows she can do 'fun bop' while still packaging her trademark terminally online queerness into it which makes LUCID less annoying as a potential avenue she might pursue but also makes the song more pointless too.


Holy shit, this is fantastic.

Can she drop a deluxe and add this and "Flavour of the Month" please. Curious if this was recorded for the album or newly done for the soundtrack, because it's giving major Garbage vibes, which she described as being an album Inso prior to it coming out.