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Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Nov 13, 2021.

  1. I cannot for the life of me find pricing for the tickets for the Aus dates. Spare a thought for your broke fans please Ms Sawayama. The cost of living crisis got me good.
  2. They’re $71 in Melbourne, so imagine it’s similar across the board.
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  3. Considering I spent AUD $140 for Billie’s concert… $71 doesn’t sound too bad honestly.
  4. Hurricanes leaked in a very low quality
  5. @gays just rip the bandaid off. A week and a half of processing the material as a whole will also probably be enough time for naysayers to be swayed in the same way that a lot of the initial skepticism over SAWAYAMA went away when hearing it as a whole.

    Hurricanes is the lost Kelly Clarkson / The Veronicas track I always needed and a lot of the weaknesses of it in a live setting are gone in studio form.

    The clip of Frankenstein also weirdly gives early P!ATD energy.
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  6. Serving vocals (as always) on Hurricanes.
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  7. Love the new stuff but this is too funny
  8. The way only "This Hell" is like that lyrically. Her social media posts, however
  9. Either Rina got her timezones mixed up when she announced the pre-sale date or the pre-sales have been pushed back another day because LiveNation is listing them as the 7th (tomorrow in Australia)... this is really annoying because I had the day off today and wouldn't have to contend with my work building's shitty reception to try and get a ticket.

  10. yes queen slay etc
  11. If you're looking to get tickets for her Aus shows you can get them on Moshtix now if you use rinapre as the promo code! $71 a pop. We love an economical queen.

    I got tickets for the Sydney show and the last time I was at that venue I was seeing... 3OH!3....
  12. The choreo is so good to this. As a piece, they really did this number justice. Also those boots are amazing.
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  13. [​IMG]
    To celebrate the release of her new album Hold The Girl, Rina Sawayama has pressed a limited-edition royal blue vinyl with alternate cover art exclusively for her top fans on Spotify. A Spotify top listeners exclusive alternate cover version of 'Hold The Girl', pressed to royal blue vinyl with matching blue gatefold sleeve and a 14-page full colour photo and lyric booklet. Only 1,000 units are available for this offer.

  14. I KNEW there was a reason to hold off buying it. I haven't purchased something so fast, she is stunning.
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  15. Oh she’s gonna drop covers with all the other images on them isn’t she. I noticed she posted a green variant we don’t have the other day.

  16. aux


    I adore the single artwork for "Hold The Girl", so I had to snag this variant. Thanks for sharing the link!
  17. 15 minutes and the blue is out of stock.

  18. I hate her.
  19. So variants wise:

    Standard Apple Red
    DirtyHit This Hell Lava (4000, sold out)
    DirtyHit Super Clear (4000)
    Rough Trade Lemonade and Black Galaxy (4000)
    Urban Outfitters Grape Galaxy
    Indies Red and Clear Splatter (5000)
    Australian White and Grey Marble
    HMV Black Ice
    Blood Records Black Smoke (2500)
    Spotify FansFirst Alt Cover Blue Jay (1000)

    Standard CD
    Amazon Signed CD
    Hell Red Cassette
    Super Clear Cassette
    Sunshine Yellow Cassette
    Signed This Hell Postcard in bundles
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