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Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Nov 13, 2021.

  1. I think it's sold out it's US allocation, but the UK is still available. Try with a VPN if you have one, it'll cost about $37 after shipping.
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  2. K94


    Have never grabbed my card so fast.
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  3. I purchased so fast. It would have been rude not to when the variant name includes my name! But seriously, I much prefer that artwork.

    The green vinyl she shows off on Instagram, she said in the comments that it's a first pressing (test pressing?) that will be given away in a competition.
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  4. The one she's physically holding with signed blank labels is a test pressing but presumably of an actual variant that will go up for sale at some point?

    It doesn't quite match the tone of the booklet photo but I like the theory of more alternate covers.
  5. UK and US only, is there anyway to get it to ship to Germany? VPN or something?
  6. The HQ of Hurricanes is now out there.

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  7. It’s giving me Kelly/Avril, but also a bit of that mid-2000s alt pop rock (Boys Like Girls?) with the instrumental. The nostalgia!!
  8. The Kelly influence is strong on the album. I know Rina cited her in interviews, but I didn’t expect it to be so prevalent.
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  9. Hurricanes is another great song. Gahhh I need this album so bad.
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  10. You guys, I bought the cd this morning at my local fnac store. They probably missed the memo about the release date pushback. Will listen to the album tomorrow!
  11. The fact that this still hasn't leaked is a miracle.
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  12. This was amazing. And yes, those boots look fab!
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  13. Honey you better turn off your DMs because you're about to get a million messages begging for an upload.
  14. Missing the presale tickets and the Spotify vinyl…Guess I am not Holding The Girl after all.
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  15. Has Rina announced any opening acts for her tour?
  16. I don't think there will be any? She had a local DJ open at mine, but maybe it was different for other cities.
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  17. I think it may be Hana again. She was great so I'm not too bothered.

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  18. Frankenstein leaked. It's impressive this still isn't out there given how many copies have been delivered.
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  19. That outro!

    Edit: Forgiveness has leaked too, it's coming.
  20. Why are all these titles giving Sia
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