Rina Sawayama - Hold the Girl


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The ‘slay’ borders on parody at this point but everything I’ve heard sounds very promising
The vocal editing on the verses of Imagining is clearly purposeful, but makes it sound like a feature instead of Rina - that being said, still a quirky, twitchy, bop! When the editing clears for the last section… ascending!
I absolutely love Frankenstein, Forgiveness is cute (and clearly going to flow into Holy, which sounds like a banger, very excited for that) Imagining is a HUGE bop as well. I'm so ready for the whole album, hope it'll be out there in full soon.
Okay, I lied and listened to "Frankenstein" and "Imagining" just once because you guys were making me anxious and they're so good. I'm gonna be hammering the album now that it's starting to get fall-y, omg. She sounds so angsty.

ddd "Imagining" is basically the throwback to the RINA days people wanted.

It's if Clarence put his whole Clarissy into it but demented. It basically sounds like if 100 gecs produced a RINA-era track.

Working with others resulted in largely productive experimentation, but I wouldn't be shocked, once I finish a full listen, that I come back to the easy conclusion that Clarence remains her strongest and most compatible producer.