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Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Nov 13, 2021.

  1. Songs like Cyber Stockholm Syndrome, Alterlife, even the interludes (Through the Wire??)… these will hold up in the test of time for certain!
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  2. I am loving all these tracks. Haven’t quite heard the whole album but hopefully soon.
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  3. Your Age is so good omg
  4. I believe it's now out there in a non-vinyl rip.
  5. Yes it is and yes, this is one of the best albums released this year. I'm going to be hammering it for quite a while and won't be getting over it any time soon. I still love all the singles but the run from Holy-Hurricanes is absolutely fantastic and I can see that being a favorite part of the album for a lot of people and Send My Love To John is a heartbreaking but also sweet comedown from it. Minor Feelings is a perfect opener and To Be Alive is a perfect closer and Forgiveness is cute but in my opinion the weakest song on the album. Still a solid like, 9 though.
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  6. It's the best part of the entire album. It's such a difference in sound from the first third and the type of music I envisioned the entire album would be given the imagery.
  7. I think leading with Hold The Girl and then maybe Hurricanes and This Hell would have probably given a better idea that the album was more-so early 2000s UK dance oriented and that the experimental aspect was sprinkling pop-rock in.

    Framing it as like 2000's country-pop is what may lead to confusion now.

    There's a clear through-line with Hold The Girl - Holy - Imagining - To Be Alive in their influence and pooling from the same soundscape.

    And that's what the album roots itself in while then mixing with different genres that are still a bit downtempo and mellow. Whereas SAWAYAMA pushed outward, this tries to mesh the two halves as much as possible in the hopes of having a more concise and clear soundscape (which I think it does), for better or worse.

    In that same way, Catch Me In The Air - Your Age - Hurricanes - Phantom fit together.

    This Hell is ironically the outlier as #thesingle. Frankenstein too in that it's a bit of a basic bop, but it still fits with the pop-rock side. Minor Feelings feels more like an intro than song. And Send My Love To John is..... boring ddd. I'll likely, depending on how it sounds, switch it out for Flavour of the Month.

    It's like if a UK garage act collabed with Kelly Clarkson but both were British girls who grew up in the early 2000s, which is... basically who Rina is dd.
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  8. On my first listen - on Imagining. This is next fucking level.

    Not to be dramatic but it feels like a modern day Born This Way. It pulls from different references but achieves a similar outcome.
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  9. The post chorus of Frankenstein was me when there was no Edmonton date for the chromatica ball.

    Send my Love to John is like X-Static Process mixed with Dust in the Wind.
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  10. Damn i really wish this album was coming on friday so i could stream it the whole weekend. Now that i killed my curiosity i'll avoid listening to it to make sure it sounds fresh to me on release date.
  11. Holy to Frankenstein.

  12. After my first listen, I'm happy to eat my words, like I was cautiously optimistic I would. This album is much more colorful and varied sonically than I was expecting based on the singles, even if she lays the Kelly Clarkson-esque pop/rock side on a bit too thick.

    Phantom is much more impressive/beautiful tucked late into the tracklist - it might actually turn into a favorite? An unexpected highlight for me was Forgiveness. I continue to roll my eyes a bit toward This Hell. It's my least favorite here, as it still feels like Rina's blatant attempt to snatch up any of the straggling gays left to rot on the Born Brave Bus, and yet...

    It's clear this album is 100% about healing from childhood trauma, centering around religious trauma, and that's something that I can relate to very deeply. Every song when viewed through that lens is important here. Rina and I are around the same age, and it feels like something you have to work on getting over forever...

    I do wonder if she grew up ever listening to CCM (Contemporary Christian Music), because it feels like she's studied that early '00s CCM radio sound and played with it... Mockingly would be too strong of a word, but it definitely feels intentional, or deliberate to me. If you were a church kid, you know. Zoegirl, Krystal Myers, Plumb... etc.

    Holy through Frankenstein will be a highly favored stretch of songs for good reason. They're all fantastic. Frankenstein's my favorite song on the album, and the rest are right up there, too. On my first spin I'm a little 'meh' on Hurricanes, and I respect the meaning behind Send My Love to John more than I actually enjoy it, but they might grow.

    I feel bad for almost writing this album off entirely based on the awful rollout (I still maintain the pre-release choices were messy, and the rollout should have been much shorter). This album is on the same level as Sawayama to my ears, and might actually mean more to me now that I have an understanding of the bigger picture here. I'm happy, I've learned I can trust she'll deliver.

    Initial Top 5: Frankenstein, Your Age, Forgiveness, Hold the Girl, Imagining
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  13. I’m excited for my first listen, not surprised it’s outdone people’s expectations.

    I think she chose pre-releases based on the themes rather than the ‘best’ songs which is to me far better than her revealing all the album’s best tracks before release day.
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  14. Where are you finding these trains. Problem with getting older, I feel like I've lost all my powers. Ddd.
  15. I cannot get over how much Send My Love To John sounds like X-Static Process. Definitely my favourite slow/mid-tempo on the album.

    I hope this grows on me / I prefer it live, but I can't see me taking much more from the album other than the 4 bops in the middle and This Hell. The majority of this album isn't what I personally go to Rina for, but I see her vision and what she's tried to achieve (and has done, successfully) even if I don't enjoy it as much as I wanted to.
  16. Pretty sure the reason they haven’t stated the cause of the Queens death because it doesn’t put the Monarchy in favourable standing by saying she downloaded the leak and listening to Imagining was what finally did her in.
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  17. I keep going back and forth between Imagining and Frankenstein. I love the screamo vocals on the chorus of Imagining. Frankenstein has such high energy but those lyrics. So good.
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  18. I'm glad I didn't really pay too much attention to the prerelease tracks because I can see this shaping up to be my favorite album in her discography. I'm not saying I don't like the lighter, MOR-esque tracks like Catch Me In The Air or Phantom, it's just they're better balanced alongside tracks like Holy, Imagining and Your Age. The sequencing feels perfect too?

    The title track has also grown on me tremendously. The way it gives a twangier Like A Prayer crossed with UK Garage and '90s anime opening theme songs (the strings in particular)... Just totally inventive.
  19. Please may I have a crumb of context, because I'm rereading this post and still not getting it nn (edit: Oh, just had to catch up to other threads to get it fff). Those early reactions are alleviating my pre-release fears about the album so I can't wait to dive in.

    edit: Took a listen and whew, the way Imagining's chorus is basically this


    Love me some UK Garage on steroids!
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