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Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Nov 13, 2021.

  1. All sold
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  2. Thanks for that. Ordered the personally signed CD, which was cheaper than the Amazon signed cd which I’ve now cancelled.

    Edit: looks like I managed to bag the last one based on the post above!
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  3. If I miss one more motherfucking exclusive!!

  4. Damn I didn't thin they would go that fast.
  5. They probably didn’t do a lot. I think with Shygirl they put up a very limited amount for non-UK residents and then took it down and had more UK only ones available a few days later.
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  6. This is an excellent point, and I think ultimately why SAWAYAMA worked so well as more than the sum of its parts. She has such an eclectic vision simply by virtue of her references.

    May try to track down a train this weekend since you girls have me especially hyped now!
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  7. I’m not sure I can talk about it but Hold The Girl’s bridge sounds different in the CD version to the single version. I don’t know how to explain it but the drums sound more prominent and there’s this subtle left-right switching effect towards the end.
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  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Is this also different from the 'single version' that was put out with the tracklist number and artwork of the album. Cause might have to pay attention to not replace that when ripping the album then
  9. I just double checked it on Spotify and it sounds different to me.
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  10. Your Age is like havoc and bright lights era Alanis done properly. I'm totally obsessed with it, whether she was an influence or not.
  11. I think the quality on this leak I just listened to is not the best, so I will post about the album at more length when it's officially out. But she has evolved so much as a vocalist, my god. The belting.

  12. ‘Your Age’ is so good. It needs to be twice as long.
  13. Send My Love To John……just rip my heart out.
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  14. I’m really not feeling the opener and closer. ‘Forgiveness’ is also one Kelly Clarkson mid-tempo too many. The singles are all great, as is the run from ‘Holy’ to ‘Frankenstein’. Undecided as to how it sits as an album at the moment.

    Ready for her electro/metal/rnb opus in the vein of:
    -Akasaka Sad
    -Your Age
  15. She’s so cute

  16. Hurricanes single cover.

  17. Another photo better than the cover
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  18. The cover is more than fine, oh my gosh. Y’all do too much dd. The entire shoot is gorgeous. Definitely hoping she drops a green variant with that image.
  19. aux


    I adore the art direction for this album.
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  20. The cover is amazing cause it's clearly embedded in your motherfucking brains at this point.
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