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Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Nov 13, 2021.

  1. I’m a little puzzled as to why Hurricanes is getting the single treatment over some other tracks. Not that it’s a bad song but Holy, Frankenstein, Your Age and Imagining are right there! Frankenstein would make great Halloween promo, too.
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  2. I just finished my first listen and love this album! It was instant for me whereas SAWAYAMA took me a few listens to get into it.

    My favourite tracks (apart from the singles):

    Holy (Til You Let Me Go)
    Your Age
    Imagining - balls to the walls
    Frankenstein - Frankenstein was the scientist not the monster though!

    But yeah that sequencing of the middle is so good, but the whole album is tracklisted well.

    The singles sound better in context in the album as well, not that it mattered to me as love them all.
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  3. Literally thought “what is the sample” the first time I heard it.
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  4. Loved/Liked almost everything. The only tracks I am struggling to connect with are Minor Feelings and Holy.
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  5. I enjoyed the record overall after my first listen. I think I need to sit with it a bit more. The thing with SAWAYAMA is that is grabbed me instantly, whereas I'm reading here loads of other people struggled at first but it eventually clicked. SAWAYAMA felt like that moment in The Good Wife when Diane slaps Alicia and she was left stunned grabbing her impacted cheek like what the actual fuck?! How dare she?!

    I have no doubt this record will grow and flourish once I sit with it more. It also doesn't help I'm on a tight deadline today so my mind is all over the shop. Over the weekend I will give it a further, more focused listen.
  6. Oh god, this album is top-tier pop music, instantly obsessed with the whole thing. Much more instant for me than her last record.
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  7. Yeah, the middle section of the album is definitely the heart and soul of the album (despite her saying it was the final run dd) Holy, Your Age, Frankenstein and Imagining are definitely the best things on this album, with the obvious exception of the title track, SotY ‘Hold The Girl.’

    The writing is a little.. all over the place, though. It lacks the personality found on SAWAYAMA and the introspective nature of RINA. There are flashes of vulnerability and brilliance here and there but equally a lot of cliched and ham-fisted lyricism littered about the album, too.

    Sonically, I was really looking forward to the early 2000’s pop-rock aspect since I love me some Let Go and Breakaway.. I enjoy the Avril-isms on Your Age but I’m not sure it works as well on Forgiveness or Phantom. Same as Chosen Family, it feels a little saccharine.

    I love Rina’s ambition in taking on so many different genres but I don’t think it would hurt if her next album was a little more focused.
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  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It may be context but Hold The Girl sounds slightly different too?

    Wait, This Hell too?
    Guess I'm just keeping the pre-singles just in case.
    Either way. Love this already 3 tracks in.
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  9. I was not feeling the singles much but this album is bloody fantastic
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  10. K94


    Imagining whew
  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Holy, wow.
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  12. Holy to Frankenstein is the new Dynasty to Comme des Garçons.
  13. Send my Love to John is lovely and the fact it’s written from the perspective of a mother finally accepting her child’s queerness made my bottom lip wobble.
  14. Stuart Price is credited on 7 tracks, the Wikipedia credits are all wrong if someone wants to bother fixing them.
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  15. Not my late father - who never accepted my queerness - being called John, I-


    This album is incredible. As someone whose religious upbringing was highly damaging, I found this an affirming and - dare I say - therapeutic listening experience. "Holy (Til You Let Me Go)" and "Your Age" in particular are a one-two gut punch.
  16. Send My Love to John is…literally everything I wish my own mother told me. Fuck you Rina for making me cry!
  17. The X-Static Process comparisons to Send My Love To John are scarily accurate, it wouldn't shock me if Rina was directly inspired by it. Considering it's one of my all time favourite Madonna tracks, I naturally love this too.
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  18. "Holy" in good quality... I'm picturing myself walking down some crowded big city street on a wet and cold winter night, muddling through neon signs and annoyingly happy people and vapors out of subway grids, haunted by my very own Catholic upbringing. She made this one for me alone, naur it's true.

  19. Holy is like..


    Oh, and Judas, I guess

    For me, at least dd
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