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Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Nov 13, 2021.

  1. Genuinely struggling to understand how some people loved the debut but aren't warming to this cohesive body of work with layers, deep lyrics, and incredible hooks. Debut was good to me, but this is on another level.

    Flavour of the Month is cute but this album didn't need anything after To Be Alive.
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  2. This album is amazing. Minor Feelings is a gem and Hold The Girl is huge. Send My Love To John gives me huge Madonna circa American Life vibes. My only issue is the tracklisting, I don't like when artists put the slower songs at the end of the record one after the other.
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  3. I think it works here, after that intense middle section, you need a cool down and those slower songs bring you down and close the album.
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  4. Mvnl

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    I mostly feel the song order fits the narrative here (though I don't feel it's very clear what she's singing at times so I might need a sitdown with lyrics to clarify)
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  6. I get why some would have issues with the tracklist but it's almost what I like most about the album. So often, the middle portion of an album is where it starts to lag. With Hold the Girl, you're actually headed into the strongest, most exciting section of the album.

    I think of the album in parts: The first 4 songs as Minor Feelings + the lead singles, then Forgiveness + the strongest section of the album, then Hurricanes + the closing 3 songs that wind the album down. Minor Feelings, Forgiveness, and Hurricanes act as transitional songs, basically, although the first two are album highlights for me.
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  7. “Huriricanes” is giving me… more Demi than Kelly or Avril ddd.
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  8. I'm imagining
    So tell me, what the fuck is up? What's happening?
    Right now, my sanity is gone, it's vanishing
    I know I do this to myself, it's damaging

  9. Wake up honey, Rihanna's 9th studio album title just dropped!
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  10. My blue vinyl arrived today and it’s stunning! The photoshoot for this era really is so simple but effective.

    The album itself is also amazing, definitely up there as one of the best albums released this year.
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  11. ATRL hating on the album is hilarious. It's a great follow up. The theme of the album, while being about her experience, hits close to home.
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  12. Is it a gatefold at all? The site description said it was when I bought it, but I haven’t seen any photos beyond the front and back
  13. I think I'm going to end up holding this album as a very special one for me. As camp and quirky ":P" as she's presenting it, it would be unfortunate if it stopped anybody from soaking in the story that she's telling here. Not to be cheesy, but it feels like a... hug? A love letter and dissection of trauma healing that feels unapologetically addressed to herself and simultaneously to the queer community by default. And especially so, I suppose, to the transnational queer POC community, which makes it that much more special.
  14. Yes it is! It’s really good quality.
  15. After the first listen, the worst song on the album is definitely This Hell, which definitely comes as a comfort to me. I also love the Madonna sample!
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  16. Your Age is the one for me. The only song I skipped on my second run-through was Send My Love To John which, to these ears, has the same ham-fisted messaging style of Chosen Family. The corniness and cheese factor definitely works for the most part on this album, but that's where it fell flat for me.
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  17. I genuinely don't think I was expecting some of the lyrics to speak to me as much as they have. This is going to get a lot of plays from me. Rina just gets it!
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  18. The album is literally flawless. The vocals she is serving. Lawd have mercy.
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  19. Album sounds great! Gagged by Rina practically covering Madonna.

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  20. The Madonna stans on Twitter are trying to come for Rina over the “sample” now dd

    Screaming at her so-called shade being that time she called Madonna’s MDNA Skin ad out for portraying racist stereotypes about Asians
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