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Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Nov 13, 2021.

  1. Can the basement that they run S*ede out of just collapse already.
  2. The new Suede album is brilliant tho so let’s not.
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  3. It was just a joke! It is a shame they beat Rina though, especially by such a tiny margin. Then again it's not like having a #2 album or a #3 album really makes much difference.
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  4. Next time she’ll be on top!
  5. Me to the disappointing hookup as I leave the hotel room.
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  6. Has anyone that ordered the vinyl from Blood Records had it delivered?
  7. Inshallah the album has legs and can linger around the Top 10 for a few weeks. I don’t want it to complete nose dive out of the Top 40 by week 2.
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  8. jjdjsjjdjfjhdhd the last picture
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  9. Give us the remix Queens!

    Would have loved to see her at #2 but it's still a great debut. They need to promote her more in Japan, she could easily get a top 10 there too.
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  11. She’s casting for a new video

  12. The inclusivity!!
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  13. Pixels born before September 26, 1986:

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  14. I love both but the new Suede really is brilliant, and I love that they have a Number 2 album after all this time - it’s also their best album since Dog Man Star, which is quite incredible
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  15. Hold The Girl playing in McDonald’s #promo.

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  17. Finally diving into the album….

    Act My Age

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  18. I love that song
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  19. There’s just so much CUNT in the run from Imagining to Hurricanes. Send My Love to John comes in at the exact right moment to calm myself down a bit. I really really really love this record.
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