Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl

This Hell went off on the tour. I can’t moan about the song anymore.



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Yes, this happened for me too! Her vocals are so incredible and strong here

Yeah and I in general have properly new albums more on heavy rotation than older ones, so the live album sold all of her material to me while SAWAYAMA kinda ended up in the bottomless pit of pop my iTunes is
I never got round to posting about the London show. She was sensational, vocally impeccable (I think it was all live vocals?), fully living her popstar fantasy. A relatively simple stage/production which they used very effectively, budget might not have been huge for this tour but her sheer talent completely made up for it.

My favourite thing was seeing her beam with joy at the crowd's reaction to the 'put your hands up' part of Bad Friend. I mean going from a cute fake crowd effect in your song to seeing it play out in real life to a sold out Brixton Academy must have felt fucking amazing.

Speaking of the crowd, this was probably my favourite audience at a concert ever, they were fantastic before, throughout and after the show. Such a positive energy in the air which helped make the heat more tolerable. The This Hell sing-off was iconic!

A very touching speech introducing Send My Love To John where she practically told us she *is* our mother almost brought me to tears.

What a night!
Was it just me who thought the Strictly routine was a bit shit?

The professional dancers appeared out of time with each other?!? Also, I was expecting something much more creative with it - Frankenstein coupled with Dracula, Satan with Morticia, etc. Not… LBD and a bit of white make-up.
The Strictly performance was a real missed opportunity. For her highest promo slot I expected more from the routine and staging but it was all just a bit uneventful and safe. She sounded great but she should have been included more in the routine because it didn’t highlight her as a performer at all.
She’s great. I just thought the strictly team could’ve done better. Perhaps they only put the effort into their group performances.