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Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. She's also retconned the EP title to 'Rina', to match the 'Sawayama' album title.
    Not sure when this was done, but iTunes now has two uploads - the one with normal capitalisation is copyrighted to Dirty Hit.
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  2. This is going to look incredible on vinyl
  3. An album cover!! A RELEASE DATE!!!

    3 months isn’t so bad from now, I low-key expected her to pull a The 1975 and have it be something ridiculous like October.
  4. Are you okay, @Trinu 3.0? What a fantastic cover!
  5. ñññ I just want the title!

  6. RJF


    Did an iTunes pre-order really end up snatching her announcement of an announcement’s thunder? Incredible. itswhatshedeserves.gif
  7. I’m glad none of the other singles are on the album if it’s only 13 tracks. But I wonder what happened to the original “Cherry” led album?
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  8. “Cherry” was always a one off alongside “Flicker”
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  9. It's 'Sawayama', sis! (according to iTunes)
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  10. ksksks ON THE COVER!!!! Like



    The name I can do without cause it'd take lots of space.
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  11. Very artsy-fartsy of me to say but wordless covers >>>>>>
  12. “Comme des Garçons” is so good. Can’t wait for the video.
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  13. The song is amazing. The cover is phenomenal. The release date isn’t super far away. I’m so happy.

    This is all giving me Broke With Expensive Taste vibes in the fact that it took so long, but it’s all coming to fruition and sounds so good.
  14. Oh wow this fucking SLAPS. I'm so excited for this album. I really hope there's a tour and she goes places outside of the UK and US.
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  15. I don’t mind the April release date. Hopefully there be some bangers on there that will find themselves on my summer 2020 playlist.
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  16. She feels like the saviour of pop so I’m pinning a lot of expectations on this album.
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  17. 17th April is my birthday. What a gift!
    Stunning album cover. All her photoshops are incredible, a fashion icon in the making.

    ‘Comme des Garçons’ is everything that I could ask. Interested to know how it will fit in an album that also contains ‘STFU!’.
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  18. Comme des Garçons is such a slinky bop. This album is going to be something special
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  19. Oh my god she’s DELIVERING. I’m so excited
  20. Fuck, the bass is killing me.
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