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Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. A little disheartened by the release date, but her dedication to delivering a finished product with all the details sorted out compels me to wait.
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  2. Wait, I just realized there is March between February and April, dddd.
  3. Screaming because I also forgot March was a thing. Poor March.
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  4. Excuse my ego
    Can’t go incognito
    Every time you see me it’s like winning big in Reno
    Don’t fuck with me ho
    Take you down like judo
    Make it rain, I’m taking names from London to Meguro

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  5. Oh my the album cover is brilliant.
  6. "Comme Des Garçons" est... tres iconique. The opening bassline and synths made my jaw drop.

    If I'm being a little critical, it feels a teensy bit underbaked, but I'm perched to see how/if the video further elevates the song.

    I still think she's 2/2 so far, though!
  7. I can’t at anyone complaining about the timing of the release date. Girls! It’s 2020 and we have a release date. Hello!!! Let’s celebrate that!!!!!! Not everybody does release dates any more.
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  8. I don’t think a three month wait is terrible at all, it’s more or less what I expect now besides these clowns not releasing albums at all.
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  9. Yes, the pop girls are acting like clowns with these TBA release dates and endless delays, and, yes, I'm grateful that Rina's album actually has a concrete release date, but I can still hope that pop girls deliver shorter, more concise eras with release dates that aren't so distant.

    Edit: Kesha delayed High Road, Allie X launched a campaign for Cape God well ahead of its release next month, Dua Lipa has yet to reveal a date for Future Nostalgia, and Rina is now releasing her debut album in April with its first single being from November. And don't get me started on The 1975's fuckery.

    The only pop girl in recent memory who's delivered an album within a short window without edging her stans is Tinashe, to be honest.
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  10. There's Kim Petras.
  11. True, but Miss Kimberly basically dropped her whole album as singles every week. By the time Clarity dropped, we done heard everything bar four songs.
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  12. I think it was actually just the 2 songs, so even worse... Even if the release wasn't exactly conventional, at least there was no messing around over months and months.
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  13. Going from STFU to Commes des Garçons shouldn't work but it just does
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  14. So no one, basically.
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  15. Commes des Garçons is a lot of fun, and isn't far away from the kind of track I'm expecting to hear on Dua's upcoming album.
  16. The baseline kinda reminds me of K*nye's Fade. Wig, for the record.
  17. Comme Des Garçons is just...transcendent.
  18. Comme Des Garçons is so fucking good like holy shit, Rina is nailing it
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  19. A genre transcending queen.

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  20. Jesus what a banger.
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