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Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Between this, Sam Sparro, and the new Josef Salvat tracks this new music Friday is truly a mukbang.
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  2. aux


    This is so strong. Rina didn’t come here to play.
  3. Whew! She did that!

    I actually just did Comme Des Garcons into STFU! and it flowed perfectly too.
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  4. This is an incredible track, what a VIBE.
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  5. Ahhhh

    On CDG:

    On the album, which features writing and production from Danny L Harle, Clarence Clarity, Bram Inscore, Nate Company, Nicole Morier, Lauren Aquilina, and Johnny Latimer:

    Tour dates:

    04-24 Los Angeles, CA - The Regent Theater
    04-25 San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
    04-27 Portland, OR - Holocene
    04-28 Seattle, WA - The Crocodile
    05-01 Minneapolis, MN - Fine Line Music Cafe
    05-02 Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge
    05-03 Toronto, Ontario - The Mod Club Theatre
    05-06 Washington, DC - Union Stage
    05-07 New York, NY - Webster Hall
    05-08 Cambridge, MA - The Sinclair
    05-09 Philadelphia, PA - The Foundry at the Fillmore
    05-14 Glasgow, Scotland - King Tuts
    05-15 Manchester, England - Gorilla
    05-16 Birmingham, England - O2 Intitute Birmingham
    05-21 London, England - Electric Brixton
  6. Oh wow this is incredible.
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  7. SHE’S COMING TO SEATTLE??? I’m gonna pass tf OUT.
  8. ‘CDG’ is incredible, she is the real fucking deal man. Production notes sound amazing, this is another record I can’t imagine not being fantastic.
  9. Per iTunes:

    1. Dynasty - Rina Sawayama & Clarence Clarity
    2. XS - Rina Sawayama, Kyle Shearer, Nate Campany & Chris Lyon
    3. STFU! - Rina Sawayama & Clarence Clarity
    4. Comme Des Garcon (Like The Boys) - Rina Sawayama, Bram Inscore & Nicole Morier
    5. Akasaka Sad - Rina Sawayama & Clarence Clarity
    6. Paradisin' - Rina Sawayama & Clarence Clarity
    7. Love Me 4 Me - Rina Sawayama, Bram Inscore & Nicole Morier
    8. Bad Friend - Rina Sawayama & Johnny Latimer
    9. Fuck This World (Interlude) - Rina Sawayama & Clarence Clarity
    10. Who's Gonna Save U Now? - Rina Sawayama, Johnny Latimer & Rich Cooper
    11. Tokyo Love Hotel - Rina Sawayama, Lauren Aquilina & Oscar Schella
    12. Chosen Family - Rina Sawayama
    13. Snakeskin - Rina Sawayama, Clarence Clarity & Johnny Latimer
  10. Not me being absolutely floored by this. Suddenly she has my attention.
  11. We love having the first perfect song of the year by mid-January.
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  12. THIS!!! This is a popstar!!!! I know You Lot love to stan (ironically or not) basic blonde white girls with no charisma but Rina Sawayama remains the only new pop girl worth caring about. I love her I love her I LOVE HER.

    edit: this is easily a contender for Song of The Year and it’s only mid January. Her mind.
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  13. Also for those who wanted the title on the cover, the physicals came through

  14. Perfectly perched for the album
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  15. Ewww
  16. 16th on New Music Friday UK? Come through Dirty Hit.
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  17. I hope that’s some kind of reflective foil on the top of the vinyl with her name embossed?
  18. Come Des Garcons is nice enough, but it's nowhere near as amazing as STFU! I hope the album has more songs like STFU! on it.
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