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Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Also this:

  2. Yess! Unexpected but just what I needed.

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  3. Where's the video though..?
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  4. The way it looks like the video just got scrapped altogether... kind of a kii.
  5. There probably wasn't one to begin with
  6. Mess.
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  7. So they just shot all that for a 30 sec twitter post? I doubt it.
  8. you mean


    She also used some for

    I don't know. If there was a video ready, I imagine she would have premiered it with the song.
    If they didn't premiere it because of the hair controversy, they could have taken their time to edit those scenes out.

    It's been a whole month since the song came out and no news on a video, so... yeah, I think there wasn't one to begin with.
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  9. This would be iconic.
  10. To think I still haven't listened to Comme Des Garçons because I was waiting for the music video.

  11. It’s a shame that there doesn’t appear to be a video for the song. The artwork was so strong, it would’ve been great to have a visual to go with it. But alas! Excited for the remix. I’m not overly familiar with Pabllo Vittar’s stuff, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.
  12. I definitely think there was a video, but the backlash for her hairstyle in the clip plus the actual Comme des Garcons controversy over putting white models in cornrows has probably made her scrap it for good. The last thing she needs is stan twitter cancelling her and causing unnecessary drama.
  13. This is just...

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  14. How did they not think the hair would be trouble?
  15. She wrote a long post explaining this, and she was right – nothing she was wearing was cornrows or any other protective hairstyle. She even said she made sure nothing of the sort was used in the shoot, but the internet is going to internet...
  16. I've already posted this and got no answers (and none from Google either), but I legitimately want to know what makes a black-culture braid instead of... whatever else kinds of braids? I know about specific hairstyles like cornrows that have a specific function that relates to kinky hair textures, but she wasn't wearing those. Is it just because they are thin little braids instead of big loose ones?
  17. I feel like you kind of answered your own question. And I’m guessing people saw the smaller braids and likened the style to micros, which I suppose they were, except they weren’t used in any traditional sense.
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  18. I know, I've been following this, but if I was her, with her fanbase, 2020 Twitter and her sensitivity towards her own culture, something even 1% close to wrongly being misinterpreted would have to not be included.
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  19. Why didn't she take down the CDG promo then?

    Apologising and keeping it looks... disingenuous.
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  20. Because removing it also makes it seem like you’re trying to erase the fact it happened. That’s why she attached her apology to the original tweet. Seems totally understandable to me.

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