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Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA (Deluxe)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. If the drop was cut in half it would be perfectly serviceable. If Rina had sung some ad libs over the second half it would be perfectly serviceable. Hell, if she had sung “LU. CID. DREAMS” over the chorus the way Gaga spoke Rain. On. Me., it would be perfectly serviceable.

    But instead it’s a 30+ second drop, with no variation, three different times.
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  2. Like almost 2 minutes of the song has been online for months at this point ddd the shock of how it sounds is funny. It was also a Bloodpop single in its origin so it was never meant to sound like anything like the album or structure itself to lead a re-release.

    Bloodpop's production is not my favorite, but I love the melody on the verses.

    Glad to be getting 2 more songs on top of it too:
  3. It sounds like a Chromatica reject but it's a cute basic bop. It makes more sense as the "BloodPop ft. Rina Sawayama" single it was supposed to be.
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  4. "LUCID" is a bop. A basic bop, but a bop nonetheless.

    I wonder how we would've reacted to it had it been released in 2018 as a BloodPop® feat. Rina Sawayama single instead of as a Rina solo track.
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  5. Lightly spritz on me.
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  6. First time golden showerees at p*ss night:

    Song is a bop today?
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  7. It’s funny. I remember liking a lot of BloodPop’s stuff before his (correct) name change. Not sure what happened, but he’s lost... something.
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  8. A MARINA tea. Maybe they lost their sparkle when they lost their respective diamonds.

    Lucid is pretty good on first listen - I get the criticisms about the production and the drop but I'm bopping regardless.

    Perched to hear the other new material on the deluxe!
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  9. He tends to over polish his productions these days. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I heard a version of this song a while ago and I remember the mix being a lot fuller with a lot of different elements thrown in, it was very good. This version seems to have stripped those things that make it more unique out until the track is left with really only two or three main things going on. Of course I still bop, though. I don’t hate it or anything like that.
  10. Limited To 1000 Cassettes on her store now!
  11. [​IMG]

    I am pleased.
  12. A sexxx dreams anthem with female pronouns? I'll take it.

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  13. Giggling at what an acoustic version of STFU! could possibly sound like. Yes Queen give me emo angst through a folklore lens!!!
  14. Umm Lucid is really everything. I love her so much.
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  15. I am gonna have no money but so many cassettes by the end of this year.
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  16. Lucid feels too basic for her when you consider how ambitious much of Sawayama is, the drop repeating as often as it does is unnecessary as well. With that said, the melodies on the pre-chorus are so infectious. The "hey girl" section is the best bit about the song.
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  17. Whilst I think Chromatica is mostly shite, this is a nice little bop. It’s nothing of substance compared to the album but it’ll do.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This is fine but her worst song. That's talentry right there!!
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  19. This is so cute to me. It's just a good little upbeat dancey song, I love it. Definitely different than a lot of her other music but some versatility is never bad. Her voice sounds great too.
  20. I hate how cheap this is and I still love it nnddd
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