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Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA (Deluxe)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Sep 17, 2017.

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  1. This is incredible. Rina and Clarence just make magic together.
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  2. Oh this is GOOD.
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  3. She needs to stop playing around and drop that metal album.
  4. Ok this cover is fire. If they ever do the same project for Ride the Lightning, Rina should do For Whom The Bell Tolls.
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  5. Confirmed Free Woman remix
  6. So good!
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  7. Rina just really understands every assignment she is given doesn’t she?
  8. Enter Sandman and Free Woman after the shart that was LUCID…

  9. Me talking about Rina on Free Woman

  10. These one off collabs and singles have ALL been good, to be honest. It's been great to see her explore different sounds while we wait for her next opus!
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  11. We're eating good with Enter Sandman and Free Sawayaman.
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  12. The excellent Free Woman remix has made me revisit her debut and I'm properly obsessed again. I think it's one of the most exciting and interesting debut albums any pop girl has released in recent years??

    The way she tackles identity, generational trauma, wanting to belong, friendships and love over a whirlwind of sounds and genres. It's bold, ambitious and brimming with emotions, sometimes a bit too messy with a maximalist sound threatening to overshadow Rina. But somehow all of this is what pulls me in wanting more? I love that she pulls off mixing genres in such a fearless manner. What makes this work for me, which I know some people think is one of the weaknesses of this album, is the overtly poppy melodies and sometimes chessy and saccharine sentiments. I think that's what ties it all together, making this album a rather masterful statement in pop music. And the icing on the cake is Rina's beautiful voice bringing a lot of emotion and conviction making up for her sometimes too simplistic and vague lyricism.
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  13. If anyone is interested - doing a giveaway of the standard "Sawayama" CD and a "Comme Des Garcons" sweatshirt over on my podcast!

    Her journey has been such an interesting one and I'm so happy for her that she's finally getting some flowers. I have no idea what to expect for her next project and that makes it all so exciting!
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  14. Her album still feels like it belongs to the school of Born This Way to me. Not only in its shared sonic references, but also in the way that both albums make their messiness work, if that makes sense? They feel like fully realized universes with a clear narrative on identity, and the bonkers all-over-the-place production sort of adds to their charm.
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  15. Looks like she’s gearing up for something.
  16. Is a deluxe edition actually coming out? I was going to buy the CD many months ago but put it off when I heard about the deluxe.
  17. Didn't it already come out?

  18. The fact that Tokyo Takeover was left out the main album...

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  19. Yeah the deluxe has been out for ages.
  20. The deluxe vinyl is coming on the 17th, I think (it's one of a whole bunch of delayed LPs I get occasional emails about so I've no fucking clue at this point) but I think that's only available via Rina's website and it's been sold out for a while.
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