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Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA (Deluxe)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Sep 17, 2017.

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  2. LPT


    That's a very Irish thing to do, do some reason they do three oooh ooh ooooohhs (instead of the two we do in Australia and what I've heard in the UK).

    So I was at opening night last night and I was totally blown away. I was only introduced to her last year when I heard one of her songs on one of @lushLuck 's playlists and had to do more exploring. I'm so thankful I did.

    My husband and I must have been the oldest people there at like 10-15 years senior to everyone else! I'm the new mini @Vasilios !

    She is an electrifying and "angry" performer and has an enigmatic stage presence. It was like an Arena show in a small space and I feel honoured for the chance to see her in a more intimate space before she blows up- because it feels like she is going to. I could see references to Janet's Velvet Rope Tour through costuming and choreography which was lovely to see.

    I did the meet and greet package and it was very well done. When it was my turn she said " Let's talk about your look! I'm guessing you are from the LGBT....Q?" a scream! I told her that as an artist she is so important as a person of colour breaking the English speaking market and representing. When I was a child we didn't have very much visibility and I thanked her for breaking boundaries for the new generation. She got a little teary and thanked me for saying so.

    The only thing is that the gig was an hour long and although we did miss Alterlife the finale of Lucid and Free Woman pops the fuck off.

    I'm still screaming at the bar only seeing water and Red Bull as it was an over 14s gig. Alot of the little Pixels were visibly and audibly shook by whole situation so they got hopped up on pints of Red bull instead.
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  3. I LOVE everything about this post.
  4. This has me even more excited for Wednesday when I see her in Camden. Roughly what time did she come on? I’m too old to bother with support acts these days.
  5. “The oldest in here”, “too old for support acts”… my impact!
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    She comes on at 9pm.
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  7. Hana is amazing.

  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    That encore......
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  9. Free Woman is amazing and we’re never getting a Gaga performance so why not.
  10. Anyone got a spare London ticket? I've put off buying any tickets for gigs unless I know they're going ahead but it seems none are popping up these days for either of the shows.
  11. I'm really looking forward to next Wednesday, the energy in those clips is something else. Having live music back is amazing.
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  12. Why are yall pretending Lucid isn’t great? It’s basic and not as interesting or unique as her other tracks but it’s still great.
  13. I’ll be fine with Lucid as the closer. It’s a basic bop but it won’t ruin my experience too much. Plus, I reckon I’ll be on a high from all the other bops she’ll have performed at that point.

    I’m seeing her on the Tuesday and Wednesday here in London. I need to find my tickets because I got them almost 2 years ago so they should be lying and be somewhere.

    I’m so happy she’s performing Cherry! One of her absolute best IMO and happy it wasn’t culled in favour of some of the album tracks.
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  14. LPT


    She even said last night that her music was intense and sometimes she just wanted to write a straight forward, care free, streamable, summer bop - before introducing it.
  15. Wait. I’ve just started listening to this album off the back of this post and am about 4 tracks in and it’s fantastic? I love the dark vibe of it.
  16. Thank God you mentioned tickets. I just assumed they were digital ones in an email somewhere and just realised that they're paper and I never received them!
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  17. The ones for Roundhouse that I booked through the Dice App are paper based and I still haven’t received them! I think I have the Tuesday london show ones lying around somewhere! Gah, this is my first gig since Feb 2020, I feel like I’m scrambling to get organised!
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  18. Ah, just got a very quick email reply from Dice. Apparently, Roundhouse have now updated their system to E-tickets and we should receive them via email on the day of the show after 2pm.
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  19. I’ve got tickets for Tuesday and have a vague memory of getting some in the mail but I’m not sure - where they actually sent out?
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