Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA (Deluxe)

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I’ve got tickets for Tuesday and have a vague memory of getting some in the mail but I’m not sure - where they actually sent out?

I've got tickets for the Tuesday show and have physical tickets that were sent spring of last year. I'm assuming we just use those?

I'm buzzing after some of the clips from the opening night!
I didn’t know Dice did paper tickets? My tickets are just on the app you just have to activate it from two hours before the show.
Whew, Just on my way home after tonight’s gig and I’d forgotten what an absolute electric performer she is! I wasn’t in the best of moods going because I was having to go alone but thankfully an acquaintance graciously let me crash their night and by the time the end of her set I literally couldn’t stop smiling. It’s always such a pleasure to get to see her live, but after two years it was really something special.

Biggest surprises of the night for me were just how much Akasaka Sad absolutely popped off and the way I actually enjoyed Chosen Family ddd.

My only minor disappointment was the lack of RINA representation, could have done with another song in addition to Cyber Stockholm Syndrome.

Also, did my ears deceive me or did HANA sample this during her set…

I went to the Dublin show and she was incredible. I can’t see her playing such small shows for much longer so it was really special to be able to see her in a more intimate venue. On a side note I can’t believe I only listened to RINA for the first time after the gig. It’s somehow even better than SAWAYAMA, it literally sounds straight out of 1999 or something, I’m obsessed. I can’t wait to see what she does next.
Me reading everybody's experience watching her live:

Gah I’m so happy seeing all these glowing reviews for her show. When I saw her in 2018 at Heaven she only had the EP and Cherry out, so there was little material or staging. But she still KILLLLLLLED it. Stage presence for days and and enigmatic performer all round.

Now that she has more to work with and the luxury of bigger stages, I’m just so excited to see her for the London shows!
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