Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA (Deluxe)

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The final night at Roundhouse was spectacular. I was practically at the front and got to see her in all her glory.

She was giving such big pop girl production. It was so gratifying to see her perform in a big venue after seeing her perform at smaller ones for the last few years. Cherry remains such an anthem when performed live, gah!!!

The Chosen Family moment was so sweet - she even cried! And XS as part of the encore went the fuck off.

Two people passed out at the show sadly. One person before the show even began and another while she was performing a new song from the second album. Rina had to stop the show and everything, but I think they were okay in the end?

This was my first gig since Feb 2020 and it felt SO good!!
Was at the Roundhouse last night and thought she was brilliant, but the sound, at least where I was sat (side of circle) was terrible - basically had to fill in all the melodies with my mind as the baseline obliterated everything else, even Rina's voice at times.
Had a Rina moment today listening to the album and remembering the amazing gig. If anybody know/remember, what was the closing song from Hana? It was such a good song that and pumped us right up for Rina.
I was planning on ignoring the livestream tomorrow cause I wanted to go to the beach, but the Sahara had other plans. *gets tickets*

Ready to hit the close button when PUTRID starts!
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