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Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA (Deluxe)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Sep 17, 2017.

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  1. She's on earlier tonight.
    AMA - 715-745
    HANA - 8-830
    RINA - 9

    I'm heading there now to meet my sis. So excited.
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  2. The final night at Roundhouse was spectacular. I was practically at the front and got to see her in all her glory.

    She was giving such big pop girl production. It was so gratifying to see her perform in a big venue after seeing her perform at smaller ones for the last few years. Cherry remains such an anthem when performed live, gah!!!

    The Chosen Family moment was so sweet - she even cried! And XS as part of the encore went the fuck off.

    Two people passed out at the show sadly. One person before the show even began and another while she was performing a new song from the second album. Rina had to stop the show and everything, but I think they were okay in the end?

    This was my first gig since Feb 2020 and it felt SO good!!
  3. Yeah, the show was amazing. The backdrops were pristine, she gave us superstar energy and so many songs popped off. Thank you @smellycat for the pair of tickets!
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  4. It feels like this will be the last time we'll see her in a venue as small as the Roundhouse. The stage presence, the voice, the songs, the visual presentation...she just has it all.
  5. Went to see her last night too - my first concert back since COVID and I’m glad it was her. I love how she treats every stage like she’s performing on the biggest stage in the world.
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  6. K94


    The setlist felt like a greatest hits - she just has so many great songs so early in her career and, performance-wise, she knows exactly what to give at the right time. It was such a blast as usual!
  7. Was at the Roundhouse last night and thought she was brilliant, but the sound, at least where I was sat (side of circle) was terrible - basically had to fill in all the melodies with my mind as the baseline obliterated everything else, even Rina's voice at times.
  8. All your mini reviews make me even more excited for her Berlin show I’m seeing next year, yay!
  9. Last night truly felt like she is on the cusp of worldwide stardom. That was my first time in the Roundhouse and what a first gig to have in there.

    Also the taste in music before she came on, Vroom Vroom, Good Ones etc. Yesss Rina.

    I see Olly Alexander, Elton John, Alma and Ross from 1975 were in attendance too.
  10. During "Chosen Family" fans held up signs saying "Rina, we are proud of you." Very sweet moment.

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  11. huh
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  12. Can’t wait to watch the recorded version of the show next month. Hopefully it’s interspersed with backstage stuff as well. Still on cloud nine from the show - just stunning!
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  13. Pinkpantheress was there too my friend stood next to her ddd.
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  14. That gig fucking ridiculous. No words. What a star. I want to go again.
  15. Only £7 or $10 so pretty good cost wise.
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  16. Why has Lucid suddenly hit me like a tonne of bricks? The way it propels you into that never ending ear-piercing drop, I have to stan.
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  17. Had a Rina moment today listening to the album and remembering the amazing gig. If anybody know/remember, what was the closing song from Hana? It was such a good song that and pumped us right up for Rina.
  18. I'm sure it was the Appreciate Power remix she is on.

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  19. I was planning on ignoring the livestream tomorrow cause I wanted to go to the beach, but the Sahara had other plans. *gets tickets*

    Ready to hit the close button when PUTRID starts!
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