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Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA (Deluxe)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Sep 17, 2017.

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  1. Do you have to watch the show live tonight or is it available to watch for a period afterwards?
  2. You have 24h after the stream ends, I think.
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  3. Thanks! Sadly I don't think I'll have time to watch it but hopefully she does something like this again!
  4. They're really easy to download for later if you don't have time in the 24h window. You're also not locked into buying your own time-zone.
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  5. Ooh that is good to know, thank you!
  6. The love show is incredible, as expected.
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  7. ffff I thought there was a fight in the audience but someone had fainted T___T
  8. Really loved the stream, she was just so good. I cannot wait to see her when she tours next.

    Love the new song she sang.
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  9. This floored me. She is a fucking megastar.

    Special mention to the Final Fantasy IX videos on Paradisin.
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  10. What a serve! Loved seeing how overwhelmed she was with the love and response of the audience.

    Hoping she gets herself signed up to some festivals next summer. Continue to grow her fanbase.
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  11. I loved the show too. She sounded fantastic and had great energy and confidence. The songs were all great in a live setting.

    It was good to hear the new song in better quality too. I’m glad it sounds more like the nostalgia vibe of Sawayama rather than Lucid.
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  12. The live show was so good! I regretted buying tickets so glad I have this at least. She needs to come through with that live album she teased tho..
  13. My first Moment House experience – so glad she offered this so everyone that couldn't get to the tour can still see the show.

    Catch Me in the Air has me even more hyped for the new album next year!
  14. I forgot how good Catch Me in the Air is.

    And that part of the tour doc about her mum going to the wrong venue and getting let in anyway - queen!
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  15. Amazing show.
  16. I think there’s a strong likelihood of Coachella next year - she’s in that area and has no LA date :(, and has nothing scheduled on those weekends. Hopefully also means she’s on the lists of the other major American festivals as well…
  17. Got myself a US ticket!
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  18. The stream was phenomenal. Truly an undeniable star.
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  19. Someone has uploaded the videos to Youtube. More on their channel.

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