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Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. I’m just so…impressed? Like, this is such a sonic leap from the music she was putting out a few years ago. I remember by the time Flicker plopped out I was fully on the ‘same old shit, nothing new, nothing fresh, etc’ train. To think that she ended up releasing such a varied, confident and BOLD body of work now…I’m blown away.

    This is easily one of the most ambitious pop albums of the past few years. She said ‘here’s the kitchen sink and a little bit of XS on top of that.’ It’s a mission statement, she went full throttle and the result is…actually a pretty cohesive but incredibly dynamic album.

    It may be jarring and bombastic in spots, but I’m glad she’s so willing to take risks and do something out of the box whilst still being unashamedly POP.
  2. I legit cannot stop listening to Love Me 4 Me

    You wanna love me for me
    If I made it, I made it easy
    You wanna love me for me
    If I made it, I made it easy

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  3. I have to admit the album is a little shaky in places, but overall is a very impressive debut. 'Tokyo Love Hotel' and 'Love Me For Me' are fantastic and the 'XS' video is a huge upgrade from what we ended up getting for 'Comme Des Garçons'.
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  4. It's so refreshing to have a pop girl album that explores different themes on each song. I always get a bit disappointed when a pop girl album is just 11 love songs and 1 quasi-inspiring song about something else, but every song on here is really interesting. I love how she writes about her own identity.
  5. It is interesting how she lets the lyrical content of her songs determine the genre and the production. Also to still have it feel cohesive doing it that way.
  6. I'm shook at how good this album is. Fuck This World is a favourite: that bassline is perfection.
  7. The video is so great. Her takedown of capitalism and that culture was already good on the song but she really took it up a notch, and I liked the juxtaposition of literally bleeding the working class dry for the benefit of consumerism. Also the Gaga line drop was a cackle.

    Rina SawaYES MA!
    Yes! I was just thinking that earlier today when I was listening.
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  8. I’m honestly gobsmacked to see anything but effusive praise for Dynasty. A perfect opener, and I adore how it utilizes the guitars in a way that just...continues to ramp up over the next tracks.

    I’m pretty set on this being the album of the year so far for me.
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  9. I love the soundscape, particularly the J-Pop aspects. Still not sold on the lyrics and general approach to the record's themes (which I "get" personally, but would have resonated more to me a few years ago).
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  10. "Love Me 4 Me" reminds me of LIZ at times, which makes me all the hungrier for a Rina/LIZ collaboration. I need a "Love Me 4 Me (Y2K Mix)."
  11. Also we’re not talking enough about Akasaka Sad

    Sucks to be me
    Sucks to be so lonely
    Egyptian sheets
    Unraveling slowly
    Don't look at me
    Fragile, I bruise easily


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  12. Hm okay I'm stanning Bad Friend though.
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  13. RJF


    I... think I low-key hate her melodies nn.
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  14. From this point onward, I am no longer just "sad." I am "Akasaka Sad."
  15. It is accomplished and adventurous but outside the opening track and Who's Gonna Save U Now? I don't think anything has quite grabbed me like Comme and XS. I'll be giving it more spins and I like it but I'm not welcoming it with open arms like I expected to, I suppose.
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  16. As person over 30, I sort of lost interest in new music some time after 2016. The mid-tempo/tropical/no-chorus/whisper pop of the late 10s just seemed devoid of fun and pop STARS. This is the first album in a while that has made me excited. It's like 2003 TRL in a blender plus Born This Way Gaga at her best. Nonetheless, it's a confident varied album that stands on its own and not a nostalgia pastiche gimmick (LIZ). Perhaps lacking in a big power bangers, it remains quite personalized rather than being like "oh this could have been Britney."
  17. Mawmaw Comme Des Garçons is gay.

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  18. nn I wish Akasaka had just gone all the way and sampled Cry Me A River.
  19. That I don't agree with, but glad you like the album
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