RIP Aaron Carter (1987-2022)

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A lot of us saw this, and this is what makes it so sad. The industry is a terrible place when it comes to taking care of people's mental health. Especially when they find fame from a young age and struggle with it down the track when their fame starts to diminish.

May Aaron rest in peace x
God Nick looks so broken there, as do the other guys. i admire him for not pulling out of the show. I assume he's going on as music can be so healing and he wants to focus his mind on something.
I was there tonight and it was a truly touching moment and a loving tribute. Nick did look like he was going through it a lot of the timr and broke down in his verse during ‘Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely’ (which was his first solo moment) but it was also touching to see his bandmates and the crowd support him and show him (and aaron) an amazing amount of love.