RIP Amy Winehouse

Jordananan said:
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J_c said:
I just realized that after 4 years of having the album Back to Black that she sings in the title song "you love blow and I love puff" - make's me love the song even more.

But what does.............

"And life is like a pipe
And I'm a tiny penny rolling up the walls inside"


I've never understood that line.

I always thought it meant going against the grain. Like, rolling back up the pipe of life the wrong way.

But why would a penny be rolling up a pipe? I'd always assumed she was talking about a crack pipe anyway???
I always thought it was 'pie', and wondered what she meant. But I love the way she delivers the 'i'm a tiny penny' line, it's amazing.

graffiti my soul

absintheboy said:
I thought it was a pie too!

I'll still sing it, a bit like the line about 'butthole tight' in Change by Sugababes.

Haha, My Love Is Pink!

I had no idea that it was "I don't never want to drink again", I always thought it was "ever". Interesting!
Her house wa robbed. Music, lyrics and letters taken

Sigh. Even her poor management is continuing in death. Her parents are useless.
Aww, this was such a sad time, I can't believe it's been 5 years. I remember I found out while waiting on the train platform coming home from a week away. I really could feel the atmosphere changing around me as people had their phones out and slowly, one by one... silence.
I'm still fleshing out the idea of getting my Amy half sleeve with lyrics of He Can Only Hold Her wrapped around but some time soon.

Words can't express the sadness and happiness that hits me right in the heart when one of her songs play now. Back to Black is my most listened to album of all time now and Frank is fucking amazing too. Boyf bought me the Amy docu for Christmas last year after we saw it in theaters.

There will never be another quite like her, with her wit, charm and pen game. Miss you, dear.
I still can't bring myself to watch the documentary. I am 100000% sure I would ball like a little baby.

Frank and Back to Black will be in heavy rotation tomorrow.