RIP Amy Winehouse

“We now feel able to celebrate Amy’s extraordinary life and talent,” he said in a statement. “And we know through the Amy Winehouse Foundation that the true story of her illness can help so many others who might be experiencing similar issues.”
Sure, Jan.

I look forward to the day when Amy's legacy is not in the hands of her father.
If there was anything Amy hated it was her struggles being sensationalised by the media. I can't believe her family are now doing the exact same thing. All she wanted was to let her music do the talking. I can't see why they can't respect her wishes in that regard now.
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Her musical legacy is tremendous but it is also so depressing to listen to. Not just because she is dead. That's obvious. Also because we have heard everything she wanted us to hear during her lifetime. I'll never get bored of what we have but it is just so frustrating that it is just not much. And we all know she would have given us more masterpieces if she would have been able.

It is very sad. And I wish her family would let her rest in peace.