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RIP Anthony Bourdain

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by QueenB, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. So sad, he was someone I admired so much. His knowledge of the world and its cultures was fascinating. Rest in peace Anthony.

  2. God, people are fucking dumb when it comes to depression. "His life was excellent I don't know why he would kill himself."

    Shut up.
  3. This is so sad. I didn't watch his shows regularly but I really liked him. Lest we forget his iconic drag of Aunt Sandy Lee's Kwanzaa cake:
    It's been nice to see such a widespread celebration of his life and work on social media since the story broke.
  4. The social media presence that Asia and Anthony had was genuinely heartwarming. You could feel the love they shared through the screen.

    I'm still just so sad about this.
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  5. Aunt Sandy actually had some really classy responses to Tony's passing:

  6. Aw, that's really sweet.
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  7. Why is she such a great person?
  8. I hate people so much. I'm already seeing the, "Well he wasn't that great anyway," comments.
  9. This is such a shock. His shows were the best, his sarcastic sense of humour was something that always resonated with me strongly. I’m gonna miss him.

    R.I.P. Anthony.
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  10. This has really put a damper on an already odd week. He is my documentary fave. Fucking hell. Depression is scary and shitty.
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  11. I've really struggled with this over the past few days. He encapsulated an appreciation of food and it's power to bring people together in a way that very few people manage to do (coming off as both legit and genuinely heartwarming). There is nothing more I would have loved than to share a meal with him, especially at one of my local favourite restaurants. Or even chat to him about my favourite dishes, cooking tips, family shit, etc

    However I always felt stung by his thoughts on vegetarianism and veganism (including the words he used to express these) and like to think that over time he would have reconsidered them. Or maybe he wouldn't have and I would have still loved him, like I did, 98% of the time. It just pains me a little to read the "He brought people together..." narrative over and over again because it feels like it legitimises some of his less attractive sentiments. I dunno... I hope that sheds some light on why some of us feel like we needed to express that alongside how sorry we are to have lost him.
  12. As a chef I imagine he found veganism incredibly limiting. Not only that, but if you are a traveler and making moral decisions on what other cultures eat — not saying you do but many choose veganism for moral reasons — you aren’t going to get very far.

    Yes, he would be particularly melodramatic about veganism, but I always found it to be so over the top as to be tongue in cheek. If you can’t handle someone cracking wise about your voluntary dietary choices, maybe re-examine why you’ve made that choice.
  13. I make decisions on what I eat and prepare, not others. There are literally billions of people around the world who do the same (ie. most major religions). Your second point I'm not even touching, needless to say I am comfortable with my choice that I've long since made.

    He was awesome for dozens of other reasons and will be hugely missed. All I was trying to illustrate is why his passing has felt conflicting to some people.
  14. Well this is what I was trying to address. People are conflicted about someone's death because he ate meat and was vocal about it? That seems very unbalanced.

    I applaud your veganism, I do! I don't want to sound antagonistic at all. I appreciate conversation.
  15. Again, not concerned about his diet...just mine. I feel conflicted because there was so much about him I loved and related to, in spite of the above.
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  16. I guess I'm just confused by "conflicted." What are you conflicted about? Like, are you less sad -- well as sad as one can reasonably get over a celebrity death -- because he didn't like veganism and let it be known? That just seems like an irrationally minor thing to be conflicted about. It's not like he was outwardly homophobic or racist or whatever.

    But this is a thread for remembrance, so I digress. Stay golden, Mr. Bourdain.
  17. A Stevie Nicks track from Wild Heart?? Aunt Sandy continues to be my muse.
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  18. That is exactly what I equate this to. However, I agree... not for this thread (please feel free to reach out to me/we can move to another thread to chat further if you like).

    RIP Tony and hope you're in good company and eating something delicious.
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