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RIP John Hughes

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by sifr, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Sixteen Candles is absolutely brilliant. I love it. Also, Pretty in Pink is brilliant too. In fact, all the movies he directed were very very good. Things went downhill after Home Alone. His reason for turning his back on Holywood is admirable though, he didn't like how that lifestyle was impacting on his children and moved them away from it.
  2. I LOVE Kelly in Weird Science. She could have been so unlikeable but she imbues the character with genuine warmth. I just love the soundtracks to his movies, he done a lot for British indie! Check out the soundtracks and you'll see what I mean. Especially The Smiths.

    I too am a John Hughes fan. But my favourite eighties 'teen' movie is and always will be Heathers which is sort of anti-Hughes.
  3. I loved the soundtacks to those mid-80s films. I still have them. They definitely helped to pave the way for a lot of alternative(ish) UK acts to break through; Pretty In Pink alone had New Order, OMD, The Smiths and Belouis Some. Plus INXS and Suzanne Vega. All exclusively new tracks at the time, too, bar The Smiths.

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