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RIP Julee Cruise

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by little ern, Jun 10, 2022.

  1. I had her album on earlier, one of my favourite chill out albums ever. RIP Julee, such a heavenly voice.
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  2. The world spins

    She said "How can you not cry when you're singing The World Spins?" in the Secrets from Another Place documentary

    Questions in a world of blue

    Rocking back inside my heart

    I didn't want to post Falling, but this performance is so touching
  3. An expanded or deluxe edition of Floating Into The Night would be a fitting tribute.
  4. I've dug out the Mp3s of a tape recording I made from Radio 1 back in 1991 - Julee Live in London

    The mashup before mashups of Cool Cat Walk/The In Crowd is still perfect...
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  5. Shattered at the news that Julee ended her own life.
    She was such a sensitive and under rated artist.
    Floating and Falling forever, thanks so much for the transcendent music.
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  6. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Has that been confirmed? I took “on her own terms” to mean she had stopped treatment / died where she wanted to be rather than anything else.
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  7. I saw the B-52s on the Good Stuff tour so I had the pleasure of seeing Ms Cruise sitting in for Cindy Wilson. It was a really cool experience. She sounded amazing harmonizing with Kate Pierson. She had a real range that she didn't get to show off on the Lynch/Badalamenti albums.
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  8. Saw this news last night and was so gutted. Truly a one-off talent.
  9. I haven't properly heard of Julee until a few years ago but it's very sad to read the news...

    This is heavenly:

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  10. Another member of the Twin Peaks universe is gone. Julee's voice is such an integral part its experience.
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  11. All her beauty and brilliance will forever live in her music. I've always adored Julee Cruise. I always will. I hope her family makes it to the other end of this - because it's tough, my goodness it is tough. Hopefully, they all find some comfort in the truth that Julee's voice means so much to so many people.
  12. I popped this up on Soundcloud as I've been listening to it a lot. Almost 10 minutes of goodness.

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  13. Floating Into The Night is still one of my all time favorite albums. "The Nightingale" is so beautiful!

    Her other albums are pretty good as well, especially The Voice Of Love (although they don´t come close to her debut).

    Very sad that she is gone. She will always hold a special place in my heart.
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  14. That scene in Fire Walk With Me as Laura breaks down while Questions in a World of Blue plays…. I get choked up every time.
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  15. Gutted about this. A true visionary.
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