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RIP Olivia de Havilland

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Andy French, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. I’m pretty sure Olivia was one of - if not the - oldest living actresses. Amazing that she lived four years into the triple digits
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  2. This is sad, but also it isn't because 104. What a life! She and her sister were both great actresses (and great beauties).
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  3. She was certainly the oldest living star of Hollywood's Golden Age. With both her and Kirk Douglas dying in 2020 all the A List stars leading stars the 30's and 40's have gone. There's not even that many left from the 50's.

    Bizarrely I recently discovered that Catherine Deneuve's actress mother is still alive. She's 109!!!
  4. I genuinely thought she was going to live forever. She was only suing Ryan Murphy a few months ago! What a miserable year this is.

    I guess it’s a great time to watch this classic

  5. I've only just heard about this. In lockdown I have watched a few of her films and she is always impeccable. Especially her performances in The Snake Pit and The Heiress are some of the best I've ever seen. For me she was the last of the truly great Old Hollywood stars. RIP Olivia.
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  6. I love Lady In A Cage, it was spoofed on the last season of At Home With Amy Sedaris.
  7. It's one of those celebrity deaths where you truly feel able to just celebrate the full life they lived.
    The fact that she lived to 104, biking away & even finding the time to sue Ryan Murphy in the final few years of her life is all kinds of iconic.

    It's truly the end of an era, I think it's long been said she's the last surviving star of that time period (I even remember people saying that when Joan died in 2013 at 96). It feels oddly fitting that she'd be the last to go, having taken down the studio system that defined all their careers.

    (Also this is maybe the only time I can flex that I'm related to her).
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  8. One of my favourite Olivia moments is her slapping her friend Bette Davis silly in 'Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte.' The whole film is such a great campfest.

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  9. I just watched Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, it's a great movie, just as good as Baby Jane.
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  10. I loved her Maid Marian opposite Errol Flynn.
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  11. I watched Hold Back The Dawn last night in celebration. One of the few Best Actress noms of the 40's I'd never seen before. Pity it took her death for me to finally get round to it.

    In the next week or so going to track down some of her lesser known and later films that I've either never seen or not watched for decades......

    In This Our Life
    The Snake Pit
    My Cousin Rachel
    The Light In The Piazza
    Lady In A Cage
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