RIP Tina Turner (1939-2023)



My mum loves Tina, and so I grew up listening to her music... and liking it.

Did this turn me into a gaymosexual?
Did anyone see her at the Grammys with Beyonce? She was a million times better! I couldn't believe how amazing she was! Beyonce on the other hand was totally shamed by this woman more than twice her age! I saw Tina with my mum way back in 1999, in Dublin, and she was AMAZING! She's just incredible-at one point Beyonce stood on her foot-and she didn't even react cause she knew the show must go on! YAY TINA!

Rant over.
I detest 'Simply The Best' - however she definitely has stage presence that even Beyonce can only dream of.

I prefer the really old stuff she did with Ike before she went a bit 80s power ballad, but I reckon there's still space for her if she ever wants to get back into recording.
How very dare you...Tina Turner is an ICON and one of the best live performers the world has ever seen!!

I have seen her on numerous occasions in the 90's and 00's and bar Madonna she is the best live female performer.

Musical highs are the Foreign Affair album, (1989) a classic!

She's still gott it and current performers a la Beyonce, Ameriee, etc, etc should be grateful to her for pathing the way...
She did have some top tunes in her day. I love We Don't Need Another Hero, What's Love Got To Do With It, Private Dancer and I Don't Wanna Fight - the latter, penned no less, by other aging female popstar Lulu!


Well, apparently a bunch of elderlies and their gay grandchildren have gotten together and decided to get "The Best" back into the charts - and they've achieved a good result so far! #29 on UK iTunes and climbing. Will they rob Diana Vickers of her number one?
She did indeed.

I don't like these "campaigns". There's always something to blight the pop landscape though; in my youth it was golden oldies from the 50s and 60s resurrected via "cool" TV and Film tie-ins. In the end, the damn things would clog up the top of the charts all the time.

You are mistaken about it being oldies trying to get this to number 1. It is in fact us fans of Rangers FC who have this song as our club's anthem. We are trying to get it to number 1 to coincide with us winning the league on Sunday (hopefully) and also in respect to the British Soldiers. Feel free to download it and help us on our way, it is going to be some task to get it to number 1.


It's now up to number 10 on the itunes charts and we'll find out later today where it is in the official charts. There's still a long way to go however, so keep downloading!