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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by LITA, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. First Smash Hits, now Top of the Pops.

    All my formative music experiences are dying.

    I know it'd become rubbish and irrelevant in recent years, but it played just as crucial a role as Smash Hits in making me a music fan.

    Very sad
  2. Long overdue, but I wonder what they'll replace it with. It's part of the BBC's public service remit to provide music programming.

    There's a vast archive of performances there, too; it'd be a shame if they couldn't use these in some way, like on TOTP2.
  3. Well. Now at least things are clear. I'll never be able to hear all those pretty pop things you lot rave about on this board.
  4. They probably won't replace it - there's no obligation  to provide a chart-based programme. They'll probably argue that across tedium like Jools Holland and the occasional "new music" "special" they will be bringing "fresh" bands to the public eye etc etc.

    Alas what I want is a chance to see pop music. I appreciate that TOTP has gone downhill and that viewership has fallen but, well, you reap what you sow.

    Sigh. :-(

  5. I heard about this on the bus on the way home - I thought the BBC wouldn't have the guts to axe it, but they've gone and done it. Just as well CD:UK's going to Five and ITV will have their new show.
  6. I know - it would be a crying shame to let that archive go to waste, there are so many performances worth showing again - not just the really famous, seminal ones, or ones by the world's biggest stars. The whole archive is a great document of changing musical tastes and fashions over the years - even (or should that be especially) bad performances by dodgy one hit wonders, watching TOTP2 each week was the best thing on telly. I hope it re-emerges somewhere

    and even more importantly, I still refuse to believe there isn't room for a well produced weekly round up of the best new pop music that could appeal to a mass audience. The BBC messed up TOTP big time.
  7. Are they actually going to put it out of it's misery this time, or just move it again.

    Why did they get rid of TOTP Reloaded?  I used to like that. At least it's better than the two identical cookery shows we have on Saturday mornings now.

    They should relaunch Going Live.
  8. TOTP Reloaded is relaunching in the autumn with the same presenters and similar format.
  9. Wow!
    I thought it would be the end soon but there you go "The end"

    It'll be probably mean popworld will have really have to becoem more conventional.

    Actually no Simon , miquita come back this is your big chance no there is nowhere to promo apart from Popworld you can slaughter at will.

    Which i think is the real reason for Totp dying.
    Yes the sycophantic nature of the presnters.

    If it's shite say it is or at least imply what you are putting on
    I mean yesterday I liked watching the Infernal performance because they knew they were cheesy .

    But it's too late now
  10. I don't have much to say but

  11. I can't believe they've done it :( If I ever come across the bastard that did it I'm gonna kill him with my bare hands.

    Although TOTP in its current form is far from perfect - yeah it needed a new look after Andi Peters took the soul out of it, but it WAS getting better. The music mix is good, they're still managing to get the big bookings. And Fearne rocks.

    If they do replace it, you can bet your bottom dollar it's just gonna be another in the same vein of Album Chart Show and that other crap Channel 4 show. That CD:UK can survive TOTP is very sad and it's obviously just going to be worse than it was on ITV1 and will struggle to get acts on like the Pepsi Chart Show did.

    A show like TOTP ought to be SO EASY to get right - just program the hits every week. If only they'd waited for me to come and save it :(

    *goes off to have a little cry*
  12. I doubt that'll happen now.. if it does, it won't be called TOTP Reloaded

    FUCK THE BBC!!!!

    Next they'll be opening a fucking QUIZ CHANNEL
  13. They couldn't really have found a worse time to put it on than Sunday nights.

    The press release makes it sound like the death of TOTP was a form of benign euthanasia, when really it was only euthanasia in the Dr. Shipman sense.
  14. Ok now I've slightly regained my compusure I 'd like to fully place the blame on Tim Kash.
  15. Bloody hell! Didn't expect that one. More of a CDUK fan, but very sad to see the show which shaped music television coming to an end.
  16. My mother says she hasn't been as outraged since they axed Playschool. And I nearly gave her a heart attack when I said Smash Hits is gone too. She says it's a conspiracy to ban pop music.
  17. aww i suppose ferne will have to find a real job now
  18. Ok one more thing I am going to write .
    One of the reasons given was it can't compete with 24 hour music channels.

    I find that a complete load of rubbish just don't be normal don't be too cool and don't be sucking up

    With music channel i flip because there seems to be far too much content of pop on some channels, it seems pretty easy to condense but still I can't see why you know they could get exclusives like the Mcfly thing last week and boom a couple million more viewers

    Was it really that hard?
  19. I think your mother could be right. Where on earth are the new pop acts going to get heard now?  I know it was pretty mince at the end, but we need a TOTP or similar on the beeb.

    Also, they have sold the format all over the world (or Europe at least). Will they stay too I wonder?
  20. Hard yes, because not everyone's a McFly fan!
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