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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by LITA, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. A show can only take so much Fearne Cotton.
  2. I can't stand Fearne Cotton at all.

    The BBC Top Of The Pops website says TOTP2 will remain on screen, and occasionally feature 'new performances', although I reckon that's balls.

    How often have we had press releases stating "...but don't worry... it's not completely gone...", and then nothing more is heard of it.

    I'm guessing the magazine is going too?
  3. Natural conclusion? Like music is no longer popular or something? Fucking stupid bitch. [email protected] here I come.
  4. I'm more annoyed I can't watch The Box anymore cos NTL have pulled it.
  5. It's not the mcfly thing i was just making the point that they pulled in guaranteed viewers perhaps TOTP is dying because teenie poop of that variety is dying
  6. But they can't win. If they go for the Indie scene (which is the fashion at the moment) they're slated by people on PopJustice. And if they don't keep up with the trends, they're critisised for that as well!
  7. Sad but inevitable. The pop single - the odd Gnarls Barkley apart - is pretty much dead and exists solely to promote albums.

    Why doesn't Blue c*nting Peter ever get axed?

  8. Whenever I hear Nine Inch Nails' Starfuckers INC, I think of that useless waste of oxygen.
  9. Mr. PJ will be able to close this section soon. Long live 'Pop On The Internet'.
  10. Sorry AcerBen, I didn't really make myself clear. TOTP Reloaded will be renamed as part of the relaunch. This was decided way back in the spring, suggesting that the TOTP axe has been on the cards for quite a while.
  11. Where do you get your news from Victoria....sorry, Maureen?
  12. I beg to differ - singles sales are on the way back up thanks to downloads. And even if the singles chart itself never becomes "relevant" again, you can't say chart music in general is irrelevant.
  13. I agree. If Mr Bateman had any idea of how record companies work, he'd know they're in it for any bucks they can muster and music shows such as TOTP and CDUK are of the upmost importance to them - much more of a priority than all these 24 hour music channels. They spend most of their weeks sorting out appearances for their artists on these kind of shows - of course getting the singles as far near the top as possible matters to them! I know the record companies were very downbeat when the news that CDUK might be axed forever (luckily it's staying with us now) came through. I imagine the news about TOTP has made their jobs even more harder.
  14. oh dear god, Chris Moyles was on about taking over TOTP this morning on the radio. i hope he was joking.
  15. Jem


    I think we all saw it coming but this is depressing. We can't blame it solely on the demise of pop because that has been touted many times in the past and yet TOTP stayed.

    No music on the beeb, none on ITV if you have council telly all your left with is Ch4 and fuckin Steve Jones. It makes me long for the great days of TOTP on a Thursday and the Chart Show on ITV.
  16. yeah, its a shame, but the writing was on the wall years ago! the schedulers at the Beeb showed how serious they are about popular music the day TOTP  was put up against Corrie on a Friday night - a slot usually for minority social interests and/or local programmes.

    the Box pulled from NTL? i'm watching it as i speak
  17. Lucky you.
  18. Forget all this, how the fuck are Art Brut going to finish their gigs now??

    Art Brut - Second Billing On The Album Chart Show doesn't quite flow.
  19. I just think most singles are no longer four minute bursts of magic which take you somewhere fantastic. Perhaps it's my rose-tinted perception of what singles once meant but I think all those lame groups like Boyzone and Westlife helped kill the pop single as something special and turned it into a dull and anodyne piece of product.
  20. I think Mr Bateman has really hit the problem on the head about the product and a soon as the Boybands' of that variety died out no-one knew what to do and because the boybands of that variety took over the Airwaves for so long it was uncool to be TOTP.


    They didn't exactly help themselves

    Earlier on I wrote teenie poop regarding McFly although i did actually mean to write pop but the point is the same.
    On the same week as McFly were the Kooks and there was a comment (before the boards were wiped) that the kooks look younger than McFly.

    And do you what they were right and there the pretty boy effect that existed has now minimised and has less viewer impact.
    The pop is different but it is promoted so much it is to the determinant of everyone else in pop

    An example of this was Son of Dork reaching 10 a couple of months ago and people were complaining on teenie boards that 10 oh damn!

    Well worse language than that but you see what I mean

    I pointed out that both the Go! team (7 years hard work) and Belle And Sebastian (finished 11 that week they were denied their first top 10 hit by son of dork)
    And said put it in perspective
    Son of Dork haven't been back Belle and Sebastian were and attracting Son of Dork and bands like that means the audience is fickle more so than ever.

    A couple of more points

    The Guillemots this week (singing Made-up love song #44) why not a couple of months ago with the single "We're here" but no it's like if no one knew what was coming no one was prepared to take a risk they'd have rather book Duncan James who finshed 36! (Because he was safe?!)
    The same position which the Pipettes finished with Dirty Mind without that much promo. so why weren't the Pipettes (a insanely good pop band) on TOTP.

    No balls shown!

    2 more things I'm then I'm finished.

    The Automatic this week finished at number 4 this week!
    Number 4 on B-Unique!
    A tremendous achievement!
    So where were they.
    They were on Jools Holland replacing Keane and were awesome so awesome considering they got so quickly they didn't have time to shave.
    So why wasn't the red carpet rolled on TOTP for this achievement you are a pop show and this is a record that is really bouncy pop.

    But no!

    You can't say they had time for two archive performances yet can miss out the most exciting single?

    Oh by the way the same thing i said about the Kooks applies to the Automatic as well.
    On another forum actually I'm going to be writing a conversation about a girl turning pink when i asked her about indie boys of this nature.

    Perhaps they didn't want to go on because of my final reason
    Couple of weeks ago
    Dirty Pretty things and Graham Coxon were on and after they both performed Fearne Cotton said (and go easy on her people this was the script not her actual words)
    "It is live music at his best tonight"

    Those performances were mimed

    That makes me sick!

    Actually I'd like to hear what Fearne has to say about it i mean genuinely not a BBC statement.

    Anyway I've ranted but i think my rant makes sense.

    See ya!

    No one was prepared to take a risk.
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