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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by LITA, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. The Automatic were on TOTP last week. I'm a bit confused by most of your arguments here.
  2. Ragestar

    Ragestar Guest

    i wish that they'd say the REAL reason totp bombed:

    it clashes with Coronation Street!

    i dont watch "24 hour music channels", and anyway - they bnly show generic r&b over and over anyway.
  3. I don't know what angle TOTP was trying to go for over the last year or so. It should have always been about the performances - if you're going to use up huge chunks of your half an hour slot showing music videos, of course you're going to lose out to The Box.
  4. Could all interested parties please sign a petition to re-show the archives
    There remains a load of performances and promos stored away in the archives that have never been seen since they were first broadcast some are 40 years old and this does not only apply to BBC, ITV and the BFI have even more fantastic music performances/ promos that have never been seen at all never mind transmitted

    It only takes a minute and the more people to sign it the better chance we have of seeing such amazing stuff.
  5. Um, the TOTP brand is to be retained by the BBC and they will still be showing TOTP2 in some form, so, er, I'm not quite sure what your petition hopes to achieve.
  6. TOTP2 was axed in 2004 and then became the archive spot in the proper edition of TOTP. This spot featured the same archive footage that has been seen loads of times on TOTP2 and others.

    I have been lucky enough to see what else is held, not just at BBC either
    It's about time we ALL had access to this amazing footage Promo's exist that have never been seen since 1970-74 on TOTP and these were especialy shot for the programme.

    The BFI and ITN Archive hold even better sensational performances/ promos even the performers don't know whats held or can't be arsed to have a look for it.

    The petition was started just a few days before the "Official" BBC announcement (I Knew Before) and what concerned me is that none of this historic footage would ever be seen again.

    The Rolling Stones open the show on Sunday (which is being recorded today) with the last time and McFly close it with Don't stop me now.

    I have been involved with TOTP Archives and seeking other archive material for the past 20 or so years.

    I would hope that the petition achives the prime objective of having this UNSEEN footage re-shown or released, you do not know what amazing footage there is, I do and it goes back to over 40 years ago IT'S ABOUT TIME WE ALL SAW IT don't ya think.
    click the video bottom right to watch
    then click the link for behind the scenes of the final TOTP
  8. Apparently it will end with Sir Jimmy turning off the studio lights or something. How 'symbolic'.
  9. Last musical act to ever be pictured on TOTP...

    Girls Aloud.

    Well, there's an honour.
  10. Well I guess they did a good job on that show - assuming their goal was to convince people it should have been axed after all.

    The antics of the aged presenters was just high-fucking-larious, I'm sure.

    And I noticed it was Girls Aloud who were shown last too, which raised pretty much my only smile of the show.
  11. *sobs and sobs*

    It'll be back.
  12. I thought it was a good last show, it lacked some spark, but there was a clear message at the end that the whole TOTP team clearly were pissed at the BBC for axing their show which I thought was good.

    To me the reason TOTP went downhill was due to the state of the charts at the moment, while the digital music channels continue to avoid giving in (to some extent) to the indie genre, TOTP did and I believe this was its undoing.
  13. Fuck Top Of The Pops. I want The Tube back!
  14. You must be joking, they axed Doctor Who in the 80s (which was a good thing I suppose because the relaunch is great) leading me to campaign for years. It's a pity they don't target EastEnders, which is absolutely SHIT.
  15. Ragestar

    Ragestar Guest

    what is it about music? are we not allowed to know about it or something?
    i come to this site every few days, but most of the time im using a pc with no speakers, so i cant hear anything!

    1/3 of the country cant get ANY digital tv, and thats not gonna change for at least another 2 years.

    they dont even play the top 40 on the radio anymore!
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