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RITA (Danish TV show, now on Netflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 17, 2018.

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    I STAN.
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  2. I binged this 2 years ago, thought the 3rd series was the end. The 4th series is actually the best, although I don't think Hjordis was all that necessary. The girl playing teenage Rita is amazing, it really feels like the same character.
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    Me and my partner LIVED for this for a whole week while we binged, what a beautiful TV show.
  4. @Robsolete your girl should sue for the use of her name
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  5. I've already alerted her lawyers! Xx
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    Finally finished the series. Non-spoilery thoughts:
    • Great ending, some really powerful acting in those last few episodes
    • Loved the significance of the plaid shirts
    • Some episodes a bit of a slog - especially those that focused too heavily on the kids ALL OF WHOM WERE COMPLETELY WOODEN
    • Freaked out by how much young Rita resembled old Rita
    • Rita & Hjordis - what a pair!
    • Hjordis spin off - any good?
  7. I loved the first three seasons and ATE THEM UP (including Hjordis, which was a fun watch but desperately missed Rita). The fourth (the last?) one just seemed to drag and I gave up four or five episodes in. Is it worth persisting with?
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    yes!! it does drag a bit, but there's a very interesting resolution to the whole thing. keep going!
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  9. Oh I had no idea they'd done a fourth season of this.

    The first three were fantastic - full of laugh out loud moments.
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