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Rita Ora - BANG + You For Me (New Song with Sigala)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IAmRockstar, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Sometimes, Rita Ora's entire career seems like the longest mock documentary ever. She's a walking Truman Show, a secondary character in her own fanfic.
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  2. Extremely disappointing

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  3. Criminal behaviour. Case of corruption.

    No longer streaming Let Me Love You or what it was called.
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  4. Screaming.
  5. Good. Fucking. Bye. Hdsjcjsjks
  6. ‘Briber’ with the 100,000$ bag jump cut is sending me.
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  7. Wasn't she supposed to release a follow-up start of 2020 -- we're gonna have another, like, 7 year gap aren't we?
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  8. I genuinely loved Rita's music, sat here watching her develop her greatest hits (Phoenix) over what felt like decades, and then one day totally forgot about her. I don't know how since I had Phoenix on repeat for like a year or more.

    But her name surfacing back on this board because of the above is cringe. She's unintentionally hilarious.

    Anyway... enjoying a spin of Phoenix again now.
  9. It's going to be an uphill struggle. Her name is now attached to being the poster child for "covidiots", and we haven't even had the "sacked by ITV" headlines yet.

    The good news for her is the British public love a disgraced celeb/downfall, so all is not lost yet.
  10. “Take me anywhere”, she said. “I’ll pay you’”
  11. Well, in case anyone was wondering, they play "Flame" over the credits of Twist. The film was quite shit, but the song is a bop.
  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I don't think Rita's career is going to be hurt at all....
  13. It's weak
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  14. MNEK knew

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  15. She should just move to Mogulistan, fly to surrounding regimes every now and then to perform at hotel bar lobbies, dine at their 5 star restaurants and then record a comeback album in some dictator's basement so it can be released once she's a no name once again. But first test the waters in Iran with a CD where she's completely blurred out on the cover and see how it charts.

    Sounds like a business plan?

  16. Some people are thinking the Imanbek song Married to the Melody (or EP?) is coming on 2/12.

    Would love something from her soon.
  17. That angle...
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