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Rita Ora - BANG + You For Me (New Song with Sigala)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IAmRockstar, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. RMK


    Even when she nabs multiple top tens it's hard to get an album out. I can't imagine the struggle when her celebrity is in a rocky position.
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  2. Yeah she isn’t in the best position to launch new stuff now but Big is probably the biggest banger of the year. I would love Imabkek to procure more for her.
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  3. The Charli demo is out there and Rita will slot in very nicely.
  4. Yeah, the Charli demo is great. Another Rita song I will most likely adore.
  5. Video was shot in LA yesterday. I think this was said in the Charli thread already, but this will be Sigala x Rita.


  6. Excited for new Rita. BANG is still a bang.
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  7. Clip is on TikTok

    I’m so excited for this
  8. This sounds good! Hope it's a hit for her.
  9. Me after hearing 30 seconds of Wig For Me


  10. Oh this sounds camp, I'm ready.
  11. The Charli version has been out there for a while and it's a fucking bop.
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  12. Here for her again
    Queen of throwaway after one summer bawps
  13. RMK


    It's not Ritual, but it'll bop
  14. Sounds pretty good from 30 seconds, yas! When is it coming out?
  15. Not sure but she filmed a video last week. Mogul's post-pandemic rule flouting comeback is imminent.
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  16. Friday.
  17. From the video shoot:

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  18. I'm ready

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  19. Whew this serve.
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