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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IAmRockstar, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. She has proven she has limited brain power but limited talent? Lets not get carried away with ourselves simply because we're mad at her actions.
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  2. What she did was stupid and pretty obnoxious, but the claims of her not having released some incredible bops and being talentless are, frankly, idiotic.
  3. The news cycle moves so fast and so many famous celebrities have done dumb shit in the past year alone, that this will pretty much be forgotten about by the time her next era is rebooted. Aside from the bad timing with her current EE adverts it's not even going to dent her career.
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  4. 2014

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    Rita has made some incredible bops and has always come across really well whenever she's been on TV. But this whole scenario was beyond stupid of her.
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  5. Ddd sorry but I’ve always thought she’s a crap popstar... Rant over, etc.
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  6. She’s a bop releaser there’s no denying.
  7. Anywhere and Let You Love Me are pop classics.
  9. 2014

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    Rita listening to the latest updates on the lockdown and COVID in general.

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  10. What she’s done is stupid and tone deaf but she’s not the only person who’s done something similar. Hell it’s not even as bad as what a lot of other celebrities/regular people are doing, she’s not going to get cancelled over this.
  11. I think it’s bold to assume most people care about the rules, let alone people breaking them. The amount of people that were horrified at the prospect of this second lockdown, yet spent the entire summer partying with their friends without social distancing, or going on holiday, it’s not just celebrities like Rita who’ve acted entitled and above all of it.

    Her brand will be damaged for a week or two and then we will all be distracted by the shit show that is Brexit becoming a reality.
  12. Atlantic when Rita sent them How To Be Lonely

  13. Her decision was dumb af but Anywhere and Ritual are pop masterpieces
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  14. You seem to be dismissing what she has done though. We’re in a pandemic and 500-600 people are losing their lives every day in this country. The least people can do is stick to the rules to stop the virus from spreading and I’m afraid people who don’t are just selfish and don’t care about spreading it to others. If you’re a pop star then you’re effectively a role model in a lot of young peoples eyes and should be setting a good example! I’ve lost all respect for her as an artist regardless of how good her music is!
  15. Good decision to pull out of Jonathan Ross. She sits next to him on a talent show panel. I'm sure there would be screams of bias to everyone involved, so best to not do it and lay low for the time being.

    I'm sure all will be forgiven when she goes viral on The Masked Singer for being adamant someone is Madonna, only for them to turn out to be someone like... Pixie Lott.
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  16. I think the most galling issue here is not the fact that she broke lockdown rules per se, but her lame ass excuses at trying to cover it up by saying it was totally spontaneous and not planned at all.
    Like sis, at least have the decency to not treat your fans and the general public like total idiots. She would have actually garnered a bit of sympathy and understanding if she was just honest and held her hands up about the whole situation.
  17. The fact that she broke lockdown rules to perform for a lowkey dictator in Egypt is a new kind of low. This is the same guy that is cracking down on LGBT NGOs there and promoting anal examinations to detect ‘gay people’.

    Money talks ...
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