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Rita Ora - How To Be Lonely & 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. I actually enjoy the song; reminds me of the bops from her last album. Hope we do get another album full of "Anywhere" and "Your Song"
  2. This is such a messy release. The delay on the official video that was filmed ages ago, the 0 Spotify playlist support, late radio support. Her team are usually better than this.
  3. Is it just me, in grieve about the cancellation of the Eurovision, or can anyone else hear last year's winner in the chorus of this?
  4. Did Rita just drop a K-pop dance pratice video?? Ddddd
  5. I’ve tried my best to like this and I just don’t.
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  6. every pop release this Spring/Summer
  7. Release the bops Mogul.
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  8. I don't know how to feel, I understand her heart is in the right place making all the proceeds go to that fund, but you're rich Rita, you could donate millions. Open your purse.
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  9. Open your purse Mogul!
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  10. Why are we assuming she hasn't donated anything?
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  11. Why are we assuming she has donated anything?
  12. It's a bit tone-deaf. There's literally a scramble for individuals and families to get basic essentials due to hoarding and stockpiling items and people getting reduced hours at work or losing jobs entirely. I don't think anyone is thinking about buying merchandise as well intentioned as it is.
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  13. My point is more that we're the ones who're gonna struggle, who (at least here in Spain) are losing our jobs and income. I don't think it's the time to buy solidary merch, we are sadly not equal. I may be wrong, but I find in times like these is the Government and the wealthy ones who have to show up, as they have the means while we are already doing plenty.

    I completely appreciate the good intentions behind it though, and this is in no way me attacking Rita at all, but I expect those with multiple zeroes in their accounts, who have almost nothing to lose, to do better.
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  14. This isn't the time to play Mogul's advocate.
  15. I struggle with the 'raise awareness' motive for the cause. I mean, just turn the TV on.
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  16. Yup this isn't a decease like AIDS in the 80s, where the press didn't want to cover it, the leaders of the world didn't care to cure it and no info was available and people were left in the dark literally dying with nobody caring and hospitals refusing to even admit patients. I love you Rita and that one Bob Geldof song but please... less of what this you're tying to do here. That t-shirt...
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  17. She's was live on Insta with Charli and basically said the song might not even make the album.
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  18. Rita debuted at #57 in the UK (ouch).

    They need to scrap this and release something else. It's not catching on with the GP (myself included; I played it once or twice and haven't returned to it; That's never happened with a Rita song).
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