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Rita Ora - How To Be Lonely & 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. It's been out for literally a week. And they massively fucked up with not having the video out during release week.

    Admittedly, I think it's unlikely to be a huge hit for her, but it's a bitsy soon to be writing it off entirely just yet.
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  2. Maybe so. Just think after such a strong era previously, I expected her to be doing better right off the bat.
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  3. She was on Charli's IG Live and she said the song might not even make the 3rd album and she 'just wanted to put it out'.
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  4. Looool it begins.
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  5. Was this before or after she seen it’s chart position?
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  6. There is the skeleton of a good song somewhere in there, but all of the elements just don’t come together. I suppose we’d normally be relying on the legendary FIRO hustle to at least boost this to being a minor hit, but with current limitations I’m expecting it to quietly slip away. Not the worst timing to release a 5/10 song and escape relatively unscathed teebs.
  7. I really don't understand her label, why they aren't pushing the song on Spotify? This has not been added to any playlist, can't believe they haven't added to Hot Hits UK yet.
  8. It's litterally because it's not on Hot Hits. If it was on there like all her other singles were, it would have debuted 30 places higher at least.
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  9. The compiler of Hot Hits when he was sent How To Be Lonely for consideration:

    I love Rita so I hope this makes her believe in her songs more and make sure they are fantastic no matter who wrote them.
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  10. Give us the video

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  11. I'm really not convinced it would have.
  12. Sis all her singles debuted top 25, no matter the quality. Even GIRLS debuted at #22, any song without that playlist's support is pretty doomed.

    I'm not expecting a smash but it's on all the required playlists on Apple Music and is doing perfectly fine on there.
  13. It’s been added to the Radio 1 c-list. Though I’m still not sure what the relationship between radio (specifically Radio 1) and streaming (and therefore the charts) is. Like do people hear songs on the radio and then stream them, or do Spotify playlists influence what Radio 1 plays?

  14. why u cutting me out bish?
    Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 14.07.07.png
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  15. She had said on KISS before it came out that there’s no further plan for it/she just wanted to put it out, as she doesn’t have an album at this point. (But I’m sure in the end, of course, it would be different if it was a hit).

    I feel the same in that Ellie is on Hot Hits and it’s not helped her. (She’s debuted 20 places lower than Rita). But at the same time, Rita’s far ahead on iTunes and Apple Music. So it’s possible Hot Hits could have helped her at least make the Top 40.
  16. I'd say both but more the former.
  17. HH has a massive effect on the charts, there is an undeniable direct correlation. Just an example, when it was International Woman's Day HH changed the playlist just for 1 day and some songs were removed, just for one day, but dance tracks like Tequila, was at like #70, next day it was out of the top 200, just cos they removed it from HH. The next day it was re-added to HH, boom, instantly returns to the chart.
    if Rita had been on HH, even if low, it would have given her the extra streams to go top 40, which would have been achieved mainly thanks to iTunes and Apple but Spotify would have given her the extra sales to go top 40.
    HH helps but you also need to be in there upper part of the playlist, being at the bottom of the list has much lower /something little effect.
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  18. To not even be Spotify 200 in the UK on name alone and the Capaldi connection is bad though no?
    Louisa vibes.
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  19. This happens though. The amount of times I've been shocked that big artists aren't in the top 200 on Spotify for ages, and as soon as they're finally added to Hot Hits it suddenly starts appearing and climbing. It's kind of crazy how much of an impact one playlist has on he charts.
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  20. It's just a shit song.
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