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Rita Ora - How To Be Lonely & 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Fair play for her restraint not to fuck the high heavens ...
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  2. The video still hasn't reached 2 mil. views. Yikes!
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  3. This era launch has been pretty much a disaster. The song is fine but not lead material plus add in the pandemic and her not being able to get out and promote and sluggish airplay.....all not ideal.

    But we know Rita is tough and will be back stronger with her next release and this will be classed as a buzz launch single.
  4. She only fell 6 spots to 76 this week!

    Stable queen.
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  5. At least it didn't tank a better song. Hopefully the label will be more forgiving given current circumstances.
  6. It’s what she deserves. Serving Lewis Capaldi’s leftovers.

  7. Egg justice
  8. If there's someone to blame, that's the label for not pushing the song on Spotify. Sure they cannot blame Rita herself. If she's not on playlists on Spotify it's the label's fault for not sending those checks.
  9. There's just no appetite for the song. It's not on playlists cos it ain't good enough.
  10. If you built your discography mostly on scraps by other artists, sooner or later a flop is bound to happen. I love her but she's more a business woman than an artist at this point.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Hopefully this means the decay of Lewis Capaldi at least!!! Rita ha power!!
  12. None of the singles from Phoenix were considered "scraps from other artists"?
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  13. I just watched the video and I am... what on earth was that?
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  14. I agree. But at the same time Ellie’s new song (which I feel the same way about), for example, is still on Hot Hits despite it falling out of the Top 200 right after release and not returning. So that’s kind of confusing.
  15. The first single was literally an Ed Sheeran reject, while the rest of the album was a succession of Spotify-pop trends.
  16. I wonder if her relationship with Spotify's playlists is a permanent thing? Or if something just went wrong with this single?
  17. Apparently the new guy in charge of Spotify curation used to work at the firm that manages Rita (and others) so maybe there is drama with his former employer. Her Spotify support doesn’t make sense because she’s on every Apple Music playlist so the label is clearly pushing this.
  18. I went from hating How To Be Lonely to loving it ddd. I have done my part & given Ms Ora 4 streams today.
  19. Well being on-trend is not the same as being a scrap from another artist, so you're moving the goalposts a bit there
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