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Rita Ora - How To Be Lonely & 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Maybe the song just isn't very good? I know I haven't listened to it more than twice. Girls didn't resonate either during the Phoenix era and that was after a succession of songs that the public lapped up. Then, shockingly, she released a good song and it went Top 5. She is able to pique people's interest enough to rope them in when the music is good but she isn't someone who can just get hits with whatever she puts out.

    I mean, there's still no good reason why Ritual flopped though.
  2. Not the video editing blatantly not matching her actual singing nn. Clearly not Video Editing Icon Rita Ora (VEIRO) just yet.
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  3. Leave sun-tanning mogul alone!
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  4. Rob


    But Ritual actually performed very well despite a lower chart peak?
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  5. Yeah I count Ritual as a hit, around Europe too.
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  6. I'm surprised this is doing this poorly.
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  7. She needs to pretend this never happened and give us another Ritual/Anywhere.
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  8. We're on her Body On Me non-radiation moment, she just needs to deliver another Your Song now to properly launch RO3.
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  9. Rita (and frankly all pop stars maybe) has always been as big as her last single just she was lucky to have 4-5 incredible ones in a row. Return to the bops Mogulita.
  10. Yeah the song is absolutely the problem. It’s rubbish. She can do a lot better and I’m sure a good bop will get her another hit.
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  11. Let You Love Me remains her peak radiation. Anywhere also came close.
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  12. RMK


    Only Want You is one of her best songs and that struggling was hard to witness.
  13. I feel like the *only* reason this was picked as a single is because of Capaldi? I like it, but on repeat listens it’s definitely not lead single material.
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  14. RJF


    Her A&R really thought that a Lewis Capaldi song would propel her to the top of the charts when he's known for tawdry ballads with lawnmower vocals and not... two-bit basic pop bops. At least when the girls draft in hideous Ed Sheeran numbers they recognisably emulate his winning formula. Not to mention nobody is going to care about Lewis Capaldi's in two years when he becomes a TikTok celebrity because it's easier.
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I don't think the song is...that bad? Obviously nowhere near her best but it's not terrible. I feel like if it was released in November or something it might do a bit better, it's just a bit too miserable for right now. Also British females that aren't Dua or Mabel or feat. Becky Hill are all suffering at the moment on the charts, but it is worrying that they went for this for a lead single.
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  16. I think it has a few issues for me, it sounds under-produced, almost like a demo? It’s so forgettable and it’s not really pleasant to listen to, there is no desire for me to go back. I’d say it’s probably one of her worst singles. It could have had the potential to be good if it was just completely reworked and almost a different song, which says it all really. She just needs to bounce back with a typical Rita banger, which she will do I’m sure.
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  17. RMK


    It definitely comes down to the Capaldi credit. I do think the underperformance comes back to quality, but the dip in support is odd knowing every single since signing with Atlantic has gotten playlist treatment. Sure, maybe Carry On or Girls had high-profile collaborators, but despite them underperforming they still got the push.
  18. This has only flopped cos the label never pushed it on Spotify, which I don't get why. The song was never added to any Spotify playlist, and did nothing on Spotify. On Apple and Amazon, it did better with just a little bit of playlist support. Pop artists like Rita rely 100% on playlist support, without it, miracles don't happen. But it's her label's fault for not sending the checks.
  19. I’m not sure who made the call to release this. It’s just bad.
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  20. The Capaldi credit means nothing especially when the final song is as flat as this, very poor lead single what does this say about Rita as an artist and the future album?

    She needs to up her game and create something organic that has some meaning to her, this obvious trend chasing is not doing her any favours.

    There is a younger generation of British female artists really going for it at the moment and putting music out at the forefront of their brands. If Rita is not careful she will get left behind in the dust as she neither feels legendary or new and edgy, the next single is crucial to her musical survival as a Top 40 artist.
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