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Rita Ora - How To Be Lonely & 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. I hope she takes inspiration from her peers with Albanian roots too.
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  2. She really should follow her Albanian sis Ms Lipa and head down the Disco revival route - which she was kind of already doing with her live performances towards the end of the last era. Commit like the mogul you are sis!
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  3. Release Religion!
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  4. A PopJustice(ish)
  5. This keeps being written as fact, but is it really a thing?
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  7. I thought this was gonna be the demo for Ritual... mess.
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  8. How To Be Lonely Fallon perf. Damn she looks good.
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  9. 2014

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    She sounds incredible, her vocals are always so strong and consistent.
  10. Quite a decent remix alert!

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  11. I hope they keep that logo for RO3!
  12. This entire release feels totally off. From the basic song to the strange music video. Hopefully she shifts gears a little for the next release. Typical Rita fashion RO3 will take 3 years to get to us because she will keep course correcting this era until she gets it right.
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  13. She's gonna keep digging through the OG RO2 recycling bins for songs anyways. Resourceful queen.
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  14. If she's going to be using old songs (which I highly doubt will end up happening) then finally give us Touch The Sky, queen. Us patient fags deserve it.
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  15. She somehow managed to cling onto the Top 100 for one more week at 95.

    A hit x
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  16. Ddd she did it again! @Robsolete and his prostitution is working x
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  17. Just think how much higher it would be if I could suck more dicks.
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