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Rita Ora - How To Be Lonely & 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. I'm ready for her Schizophonic sized, 3 number 1 singles smash! Bag it up indeed Miss Ora!
  2. Ddd Thank you. I didn’t wanna be the only one.
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  3. Locals-wise, getting a song by the Local Fave du Jour is a genius move.
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  4. Why did y'all assume meltdowns = bad? Good song fueled meltdowns are possible. I'm sure this will be amazing.
  5. But none of the midtempos she puts out will compare to

    Bittahsweet ecstasy that u got me in

    Falling deep i can't sleep tonite

    And you make me feel like im out of my mind

    But it's alright its alright it's alright
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  6. I am so ready for this.

  7. It's cute, basically every Phoenix-era single is better.
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  8. Well, this one is not For The Gays.

    It's just got so much going on and some of the production choices feel like they're fighting against each other, it's weird. The brief pauses where the production drops out on the chorus really derail the rhythm of the whole thing. She sounds great though.
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  9. This screams 4th single to close the era.
  10. Hopefully the video is good.
  11. Oh no?
  12. It's very Poison 2.0.

    I like it.
  13. Unfortunately, I don't think you mean this level of 4th single?
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  14. It absolutely is not
  15. What time is this out UK time?!
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  16. I really love this? It feels very anthemic pop-rock, without actually going that far with the production, but still having elements of it, especially with the guitar - which I really love - and the drums. The chorus is catchy as all hell and I can see myself replaying this constantly.
    Midnight, on the 13th, I assume.
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  17. I like it! Is this Steve Mac again? It's nothing we haven't heard before and certainly isn't as fresh as 'Anywhere', but Rita sounds great. I actually think the structure and some of the production is similar to Your Song, but a casual listener probably wouldn't notice that. The melody when she sings 'losing you showed me how to be lonely' seems instantly familiar. I think this will be a grower.
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  18. It's by AboutaGirl, who are a fairly new production duo.

    Perhaps shockingly, I really like the song.
  19. Yes, nothing to do with Steve Mac, thankfully
    Don't like it on 1st listen, too much Lewis Capaldi, you can really tell it's his song
    and Ritas's delivery is far too shouty
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