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Rita Ora - Phoenix (Greatest Hits)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Melodee, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. I want all of the singles on the actual album.
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. I truly believe she is probably scared of releasing it. She knows she can't afford a flop tag to her name.
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  4. She could've released this at various points in time and scored a safe #1 album.
  5. I don’t think that’s true, i think they’re just being disorganised and slow in getting the songs together. They shouldn’t be scared anyway because she can, at the moment, easily get a top 3 album and decent enough longevity to sell 80 - 100k which in 2018 is perfectly acceptable. But the longer they wait the less likely this is. She’s lucky enough as it is to still be churning out the top 10s after the fuckery so far.
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  6. I wonder if the tour will be pushed back. It starts in 6 weeks and no album or single in sight.
  7. everything will be pushed back. per usual.
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  8. Wonder if she's going to bother to perform on tour or just turn up in the audience to watch RAYE perform instead.
  9. It’s just odd given the success of the singles. What are they waiting for at this point other than all possible buzz to die?
  10. I don't think she'd be afraid to put the album out. She was super annoyed late last summer when she said the album was pushed back.
    The label is a different story (this is the same label who didn't want to let Charli release a mixtape in case it didn't do well). That being said, there's not just the fear of "what if...it flops". There's "what if... we put out her album, and the next single takes off and ends up being a WW hit, so if we'd waited the album would've done more instead of then being over". That's what makes the most sense to me given what's been going on with other Atlantic artists* and in general. In 2018, they want WW hits. They're most, if not only, secure in WW hits. "What if...we wait too long and that doesn't happen and jeopardizes her position in the UK" doesn't seem to be the priority fear to me.

    Ben Cook to Music Week, December 2017
    That being said, they've been messy internationally with the delayed campaigns (mainly in the US), so if this is the case they'd better get it together. They had further plans for "Anywhere" that they seemingly all of a sudden abandoned. It was supposed to be sent to US radio, they had remixes for Latin territories.. My assumption was/is that they may have done so in favor of something else. Which they're probably thinking/hoping will be a massive smash, after which they'll put out the album. (Rinse and repeat).

    *With Anne-Marie having a WW hit right now and them putting out her album, and the same with Bebe, and Dua's continued international success, and however much they're going to push Cardi outside the US (all in the next few months), I just don't know how much excitement/how much resource they'd put into Rita's UK/maybe Europe album at the same time.
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  11. The complete radio silence post-For You is so odd. I understand that they were probably expecting it to be bigger but it’s time to get something else out there and keep people interested.
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  12. Thing is though, she could've released an album by now, and then released an EP after with this worldwide hit which could've been included on the third album by this point. This is being purely optimistic and unreasonable at this point though.
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  13. Even if you look at Dua's album, "New Rules" and the album itself took off after its release. The album only reached its highest chart position seven months after its release. I hope the reason for the delay is because a song too good not to record came along...but that's reaching...
  14. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I mean, that actually was what happened with New Rules, and that worked out pretty well. It's not impossible.
  15. In the UK, and after her Brits performance, so a week of concentrated sales. Once an album’s already out, sales are scattered. Other places in the world it would’ve had the potential to chart higher had it come out after New Rules (and now even IDGAF). You can compare her chart positions to Camila’s. So I don’t think that’s reaching at all. I think that’s what’s very possibly happening. I would assume a New Rules situation is what they’re hoping to avoid (as opposed to a Havana one)...because a song came up which they feel could be as big.
  16. Or they have nothing and that song was Lonely Together / Your Song / Anywhere.
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  17. But sales are sales right? In theory, if an album reaches No.10 and gets certified platinum, it's no different than if an album reached No.5 and gets platinum, at least for the label?
  18. You would think. But it seems to me they still care about chart positions. I suppose in theory there’s some sort of visibility to that other than just being an accolade (which they care about anyway).
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  19. Can’t fuck up a chart position if you don’t release anything.

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